Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday fly-by post

Where did this day go?!

- got up and had pre-run brekkie: Weight Watcher's English muffin with PB and honey, a cup of chai (Tazo concentrate with 1% moo and a sploosh of Noel Nog (my Safeway finally got more!))

- RUN!! First time since Nov. 2 before I was sidelined by H1N1. Had a great, speedy run. My usual 4.4-ish km loop took me just over 31 minutes. It felt Gggggreeaaatt! (Pretend you're Tony the Tiger when you read that). Why so speedy though? Hmmm...could it be: building a slow and steady base OR rage because I can't find my f%$$#(&g Garmin? Not sure, but either way, I'll take it. Now, to just find the Garmin....

- weights and stretching. I even used a tennis ball to roll out those tight places--around the knees, quads, glutes (OUCH does not even come CLOSE to describing the pain)

- quick shower

- lunch at the Taj! Supposed to be with S and his folks to discuss the Christmas plan. I even changed my shifts around to accommodate this discussion. We got stood up. Not even a freaking phone call! Well, to be fair, he was pretty sure his folks weren't coming because of the snowfall on Friday and bad roads (although I'm pretty sure the highways are currently bare and dry, but whatever). His brother was supposed to meet us at 1130h. When we left the restaurant at 1235, we still hadn't heard from him. So what's the Christmas plan, you ask? I still don't know!! It's driving me INSANE not to have a plan. Sheesh.

- S'bucks (Awake tea with peppermint, thanks Angie!) stop, then a walk around the Reservoir to Heritage Park where we poked our heads into a few of the new shops. We also saw the most bizarre skating rink that wasn't ice covered. I still can't really wrap my brain around it.

- Work. I walked into a gong show. AGAIN. One of my colleagues has had a rough year, split with her hubby of many years, big birthday, no trip to Paris with hubby as planned for years...and she's a disaster when it comes to instruments...on a good day, let alone when her personal life is caving in around her. It's been hard to be supportive when she obviously needs some help. I was hoping to talk to her today (perhaps suggesting a doctors note to take some time off) but didn't get the chance as disaster struck again. Let's just say I was lucky to get out of there on time. As a result, I am currently consuming the remainder of the bottle of wine opened last night (Woodbridge 2007 Merlot). It's beyond lovely.

- I am hosting our work Christmas party because our management has not organized/will not organize one. What does that say about how much we're appreciated? So BYOB and an appy and meet at my house for festivities and merriment! If they won't do it, we'll do our own, won't invite them and show them that we're a team with or without their support. I figure I'll make mulled juice (apple/cran) and the baked brie with the last of the cranberry chutney I made for Turkey day.

And with that, I'm going to run a bath, soak for a bit, drinking more wine, and then go to bed. Tomorrow is errands and baking 8 dozen triple ginger gingersnaps for the cookie exchange, L's b-day present and Christmas gifts.