Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Game on!

I'm pretty excited about Amy's 15 Week Challenge. It also happens to coincide with round deux of boot camp. I'm gonna kick some serious ass this summer!

I must admit there were some super cherry nibs that found their way into my shopping basket yesterday. Thankfully (or maybe not) they are gone now. May they rest in peace.

Food today looked like this (sorry, no real photos, I'm just not that organized):

Breakfast (05:30) Green monster: frozen banana, four strawberries, fresh pineapple, 1 cup Almond Breeze vanilla, protein powder and 2 (maybe 3) cups spinach.

Coffee (08:45) Grande non-fat, no foam, no water tazo chai and a cheddar sausage sammie from S'bucks

Lunch (11:30) Pork chop, grilled veggies and spuds, peas with hummus

Dinner (18:30) Pork chop, grilled veggies and spuds, tzatziki

I love the green monster, but I was starving by coffee. I think I need to actually chew my breakfast. I'll definitely save the monster for a post-workout drink, though. The pork chops are from the current issue of Clean Eating magazine. Yummy. I didn't reserve any of the marinade for the peaches and I should have. Live and learn. Lynn made them the other day, too and liked 'em.

Veggies and spuds were marinaded in Epicure Greek salad dressing (made with lemon juice instead of red wine vinegar) and then grilled on the BBQ. Mmmmm...good!

Not sure what's on for tomorrow. I work from 6-2, but then I think we might head to the hills (I'm thinking Canmore) for the day and watch the fireworks there. Maybe I should run this idea by S. before I make these plans....hehehe. Family picnic this weekend with potluck lunch, but we're taking fruit and veggie trays. I stopped at Walmart last night and picked up a ball glove (I used to have one, not sure what happened to it or when I saw it last) and a ball (super cute, it's pink and says "Girls Rule") along with a football and a volleyball. I figure they may come in handy for avoiding those know the ones...we all have at least one in the family!

Anywhoo, it's gorgeous here, so I'm grabbing my book and heading to the patio. Happy Canada Day, eh?

H =)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Madness

Well, not really, because it's my day off and I'm relaxing, but I wanted some alliteration in the title.

Saturday was crazy busy:
- woke up at 5 (I don't sleep)
- tried to go back to sleep (didn't work)
- went to WI at far NW location (that is also closing end of July-boo WW Alberta!)
- met girlfriends for hiking adventure
- girlfriends all late (grrr)
- hiking (16K, flat, shady, lovely!)
- dog incident while hiking: friend of friend brought dog, took him off leash (despite all the signs and bear warnings) then he lunged at another dog whose owner reacted as most of us would have, friend of friend had no reaction. We don't like friend of friend. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. Oscar was a lovely boy otherwise!
- late getting home
- S & I tried for the third time to see the Proposal. The show didn't start till 10:05. We were both sure we could stay awake till then, but not that we'd make it till midnight when the movie was over!
- came home and enjoyed my patio and bevvies here

Yesterday wasn't nearly as busy:
- Indian buffet at the Taj
- chillax on the patio
- work from 2 til 10

- plant peas (the first ones didn't come up)
- laundry
- run (the Moose is Loose is fast approaching!)
- drinks on the deck with A
- thank you cards for the Underwear Affair
- make something for lunches this week

Whew! I'm exhausted already! Maybe I'll have a nap, too!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Boot camp re-cap

The inches didn't really show a big difference, but holy macaroni my fit test rocked! Fit test is comprised of pushups (one minute), situps (one minute), plank hold, squat hold and a run. I improved on absolutely everything and even shaved 29 seconds off my run.

Bicep: -1/2"
Chest: + 3/4" (I think I was wearing a different bra)
Abdomen: + 1/8" (not sure what happened there, maybe my belly button moved)
Hips: - 1 1/2" (YAY!!)
Thigh: - 1/4"
Calf: - 1/4"

Add the 8.8 pounds I lost and you betchya I'm signed up for the next session. We start on Tuesday!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aha moment

So I was reading out on the patio and came across this:

What fits your busy schedule better, exercising 1 hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?


Whoo hoo!

I love, love, love, morning weigh ins! And it probably helps that I've been half assed journalling what I put into my mouth. Regardless, the scale is FINALLY showing me the love I deserve. Trainer Josh is going to be impressed: 8.8 pounds in the six weeks of boot camp (and technically I missed two weeks!).

WHOO HOO! I can't weight (hehehe) to take my measurements and do the fit test.

So my day looks like this:
- go have my chai and read my book (Excuses Begone, Wayne Dyer) on the patio
- grill the pork chops I got at Costco on monday a la Greek style
- grill some zuke, eggplant (I prefer to call it aubergine, so from now on, aubergine it is), red, yellow, orange peppers & onion to go with chops
- make some yummy lemon Greek potatoes (I know the oil is what makes them spectacular, but I'll try and use only a reasonable amount)
- go to work half an hour early for staff meeting (hello, overtime!)
- leave work at 4:15 for Boot Camp fit test & measurements
- return to work =(

And now, my friends, the patio awaits!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


How'd it get to be Wednesday already? So, what have I been up to?

- Emptied my hall closet
- Prepared to paint said closet
- Discovered a flood in the basement that resulted in replacing both hot water tanks
- Went to Boot camp, only to discover C. & I were the only ones there (apparently the chick in HR who organizes boot camp sent an email out saying it was cancelled (trainer Josh had to cover for another trainer who had a death in the family). Funny thing is, I'm part time--I don't work every day so since I was off, didn't get said email. She also thought that I'd tell C. Which I would've if I would've known!! Grrr.
- Went for dinner with my peeps, S & L and my mom
- Painted hall closet

- Went to Ikea for baskets (above the kitchen cupboards and in the hall closet--I'll take pictures, I promise)
- Went to Costco and spent a LOT of money on meat (I love to BBQ) and fruit and veg. It pained me to buy imported stuff, but I didn't buy anything that was processed. I spent almost $400 and only 97 cents was GST.
- went to Superstore to get the few things I couldn't get at Costco. They reorganized the store. What should've been less than 20 minutes turned into an hour because I couldn't find anything. Then they were out of half of what I needed! Grrr.
- Boot camp. Kicked my butt. Many squats and lunges.
- Checked out Planet organic and the much talked about Cosmic cookie. OMIGOD. Love them!
- Had yummy dinner from clean eating magazine: turkey meatloaf with cauliflower/turnip mash.
- Restocked hall closet (who knew there was so much room in there?
- burned cd collection so that I call get rid of huge boxes at mom's garage sale

- still burning cd's--the end is near, though
- signed up for Amy's 15 week challenge!!
- hair appointment (many sparkly bits)
- work
- bed!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Has sucked for the last three years. I miss my dad. But I'm pretty sure I saw him yesterday when C. and I were out hiking. (the deer)

This morning S. & I went for brunch with his mom and dad and brother. Have I mentioned how much I love the fact that he loves Indian food as much as I do? No? Well, I do! Moti Mahal has a fabulous buffet and I even got S. to try the kabli chana (chickpea curry). Surprise, surprise, he liked it! (Just like I told him he would!).

As we were leaving, it started to rain. Not a lot, but enough for us to decide a nap was a good way to spend the afternoon. Turns out it didn't rain much, so we went for a bike ride. We did the route that includes the hill that the runners in town refer to as "blood and guts". I made it further than I did last time, so that's progress.

He's off playing computer games with his buddies, so I'm catching up with my friends in Weatherfield. Cheerio!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Well, I went to my WI last night. And it wasn't good. I'm pretty sure the Chinese food I had for lunch and the lack of fluid intake had a lot to do with it, but the fact is, I did NOT like the number I saw. I decided to go back to Saturday morning weigh ins. I know it's probably all in my head, but I like the consistency of a morning weigh in. So, then in walks our leader, Faye (she rocks), to announce that at the end of July, the location we've been attending since our downtown meeting closed, is MOVING. Way up north! WTF?!

So it appears as though Saturday morning coffee with the girls is about to become a Saturday morning meeting followed by coffee. Sheesh. Just when you think you've got a routine, life steps in to remind you that you don't control anything.

Boot camp kicked my ass yesterday. I heart Trainer Josh! My armpits hurt, my abs hurt and my shoulders are still slightly quivering. You gotta like it! Signing up for another 6 week session (Tues. & Thurs.) and C. and I are adding an additional class on Fridays. I will be svelte when I run Melissa's at the end of September!

I rode my bike to work yesterday and today. Who knew I could cut my commute that much? Even with red lights, less than 10 minutes! Even better when it's raining and I'm home in a fraction of the time. =P

Have faithfully journalled my 44 point day (should've calculated the lunch points BEFORE I ate them followed by a mediocre pasta dinner at Chianti's). Good thing we went for a walk afterwards.

Tomorrow is chalk full: hiking, farmer's market, BBQ with S's family. Sunday it's supposed to rain, but I'd like to get a ride in as well as my laundry done. Ambitious, I know, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Saw this quote today that I love: Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life.
This completely validates my shoe collection. Not that I needed validation, but it's nice to have. =)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I got nuthin'

to report.

Got up.

Went to work.


Walked home in the rain.

Watched the rest of Corrie.

Now going to bed.

See? I told you, nuthin'!

H =)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Random Thoughts

* Sad for my SIL's family. Papa Rude passed away last night. I'm sure he's in a much happier place, with Gramma Ruby, and without pain.

* Boot camp ROCKS! Josh sang for us a little ditty while we were trembling, I mean holding, plank. It went something along the lines of "Plankity plank plank. McPlank. Plankity plank plank." Maybe you had to be there.

* I've been journalling online (WW) all week. Figured I might as well use the friggin' tools I'm paying for! So far, so good.

* Nerm and I went out on the patio tonight. I bought her a fabulous emerald green harness (to match her eyes) and leash so that she could enjoy the fabulousness that is my deck. I'm not so sure how she's feeling about it. I'm sure she'll let me know!

* Coconut cream pie Lara bars available in Calgary at MEC. $2 each. I know I've seen the bars in other places (Superstore and Community ring a bell) but I'm not sure about the flavors. I've got the apple pie one to try, too.

* I must catch up on Coronation Street. I feel like I've lost my bestest buddies! So for the next hour, I will be unavailable. I'm off to Weatherfield.

H =)

Monday, June 15, 2009

OMIGOD, yummy!

New favourite Lara Bar:

If you can't read the small print, that's coconut cream pie!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What do you mean, the weekend's half over?!

Where did it go?!

Had a lovely coffee with my girls yesterday and included an hour long walk with two sets of stairs. My calves feel them this morning! Nothing a little run (4.27 K around Stanley Park with C.) won't take care of. Also got in lots of walking (to and from MEC to get cleats in my new cycling shoes and a jaunt with the boy) yesterday.

Today will be a short run (I've got a 10K in July I need to be ready for) and then biking. Not sure where we're biking or how far, but the sun's supposed to shine, so it doesn't really matter. There will also be some quality patio time. I've got hamburger thawing for my famous homemade burgers. I could tell you my secret ingredient, but then I'd have to kill you, so you'll just have to wonder!

I'm currently downloading all of my cd's onto an external hard drive so that I can sell my discs at my mom's garage sale. Who knew I had accumulated so many? How did that happen?!

Alas, I'd better go get some running gear on. Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Am I over-reacting?

Good morning!

I don't work till 8 (a much more civilized hour, IMHO) so I've got a little time to enjoy the morning sun.

Feeling much more human. More than a little irked with my micro-manager boss, though. Get this: when we're sick, we have to call the lab (where we start as early as 6) AND call the MANAGER. Even though there are Tech IIB's, a tech III, and an assistant manager in between me and him, we need to call him. BUT, not before 6! WTF? And, he never actually answers his phone, so all you do is leave a voice mail.

OK, so day one of sick, I knew I was sick on Monday night, so I set my alarm for 6 to call. On Wednesday, I got up hoping I'd be well enough to go in. Nope. So I took a Nyquil, which proceeded to knock me out. Before I lost consciousness (around 5:30) I sent boss text: Still sick. Have called lab. H.
Then I crawled back into bed and fell into drug induced slumber. He sends me a text back: In the future, please call me. S.
But you said you don't want phone calls until 6! Arrrrgh! So now I get to go in this morning and tell him that he needs to make up his mind: do you want me to call you or not? If you do, you need to accept calls before six. Simple, really. Sheesh. Or, here's a thought, treat us like adults and quite freaking micro-managing to compensate for your poor managerial skills. But I can't say that, can I? =P

Am I completely off my rocker here or is he? What do you think? Don't you just love micro-managers?!

H =)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Got a cold. And food poisoning along with it. Happy times. NOT.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's cold and rainy

...but not snowing like they said it was going to!

Thank God for small miracles!

But it might be kinda chilly running in undies tonight...

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Will this roller coaster ever slow down long enough to get off so that I can take a potty break?!

So a whirlwind trip north to visit the fam. It was great, as usual, but way too short. There was also too much work and not enough fun. Too much booze, not enough healthy food. Not much for "exercise" but some awesome kite flying with the kidlets (and sprinting across fields to rescue kites) and good ol' farm work (hefting heavy objects and carrying them across large farm yards, climbing in and out of implements to clean them, and dashing across the yard to answer phones, rescue brothers, or stop water tanks from overflowing). Yet the scale showed some kinder numbers to me tonight at WI so I can't be too upset.

Bootcamp tonight was awesome! I love our guy--he encourages us to challenge ourselves, but not to the point of injury. He's supportive and funny yet kicks my ass, which is good, 'cause that's what I'm payin' him for! Tuesday is cardio day, so I'm a little scared, but I know I need to kick it up a notch or two.

The weekend will be busy-- the Underwear Affair is Saturday and I work on Sunday afternoon. Mom's coming down as race support and to help me get organized in the house and garden.

Had noodles tonight for the first time in over a month (I'm so glad they're back!) and they were YUMMY! Mmmmm!

And I think that's it. I need to go to bed. I have a sneaking suspicion I'm going to hurt tomorrow. The still-trembling arms 4 hours post-bootcamp are a good clue!