Saturday, January 21, 2012

6 Years Ago Today...

I lost my biggest cheerleader, the first man to ever tell me he loved me, my greatest role model, the man whose eyes look back at me in the mirror, and the man whose name I bear.

A lot can happen in 6 years:
Jobs come and go.
So do friends.
So do homes.
Kitties leave us too, but Nermal makes her arrival in very loud and noticeable ways.
Family relationships change, mostly for the better.
Colons are regularly checked by professionals to ensure proper working order.
Careers shift as I spend more and more time on my mat, contemplating all that's happened, all that's happening and all that's yet to happen.

All I know is that some days it seems like only yesterday you were here and others, it seems like a lifetime ago. But when it comes right down to it, it's been 2196 days since I've had a bear hug from you and heard you tell me that you love me.

Sometimes I think I hear a whisper, but I know that can't be were anything but quiet. And the harder you tried to be, the louder you were.

I know that I've seen you in Mother Nature's beauty, in the eyes of a buck deer, but it's not the same. And it can't ever be. And as much as my head knows this to be true, my heart still can't wrap itself around that awful truth.

And so I'm left to carry you there, in my heart, and in my memory, and hope that the lessons that you taught me and the love that you showered upon me while you were here, will be enough to see me through. I hope so.

I love you, Dad.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Post #700


This is the longest I have ever kept any sort of journal. My ramblings are random, just like me, and while I hope you like my blog, I really write just for me.

So, what have I been up to? Well, there's more yoga (go figure)! Teaching, practicing and training. It's wonderful, amazing, empowering, scary, sweaty, fun, blissful, and did I mention sweaty and fun? I'm excited about new opportunities and scared shitless to do another teacher training. But it's pretty fun and you know what? I'm a good teacher!

Work is, well, let's just say that I came to the conclusion that I love how I feel after I teach a class or go to a class. And I want to feel more that way than the way I feel when I leave work. Too bad the day job pays so good!

Skiing continues to consume the time not working or yoga-ing. I spent the last day I was out with my 70 year old buddy, D, who I can hardly keep up with. If that's not inspiring, I don't know what is! And there may have been a plethora of black diamond runs that day (he wouldn't let me go back to blue)! I'm even starting to embrace the bumps...

I came home to this in the crock pot tonight. Do not delay. Make this NOW.

That is all. =)

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Picture is Worth

A thousand words. Or so they say. Whoever 'they' are. Who cares, they're right!

I played in the Sunshine all day--my legs are like Jell-o but I feel great! Rachel took me down some new runs. Some are new favourites, others (Shaken, Not Stirred) are not. But I made it down each and every one of 'em without hitting my ass. This is a successful day in my books!

And our bus driver has inspired us to look into back country skiing. FUN!

So far 2012 is pretty great: double time yesterday (and a great day at work, complete with potluck dinner) & skiing with a friend in great conditions today.

Life is good. Live every moment.