Sunday, September 23, 2012

WTF? How can it be the end of September already?

Yeah, so I'm not sure where September has gone. It's like I've blinked and it's almost over. But what a month it's been!

- some pretty amazing hikes with a pretty amazing person
- some pretty amazing times and conversations with above amazing person =)
- celebrating FOUR years with Nermal. Wow. Time really does fly!
- my work schedule has changed completely (hello, early mornings and having a social life again!)
- co-teaching a corporate yoga retreat
- witnessing the last of my 'little siblings' get married. And partying with their aunties (my old baby-sitters). And realizing that family doesn't necessarily have to be related to you by blood to be family.
- getting snowed out on a hike on September 1. Yeah, Baby!
- having some pretty deep conversations (yes, we were both drunk, but still) with my SIL
- enjoying wings and pizza after the wedding with my mom, bro and SIL in the hotel
- driving a mobster car
- making plans for skiing this winter!

Life is full. Life is good. And I'm grateful for it all. _/|\_