Sunday, November 15, 2009

Marathon Post...sorry!

My apologies for the marathon post today! Bear with me!

So on Friday, I encountered this beauty:

This bad boy is a marble cupcake (chocolate and coconut cakes) topped with chocolate icing (not too sweet) and a small dollop of coconut icing. Seriously, I saw heaven!! Bells were ringing, angels singing, the whole bit.

Calgary has some cupcake places but they have NEVER impressed me. Their cakes are dry and flavourless (Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker have nothing to fear from them, that's for sure). Their icings are so sweet that I inevitably scrape all but the tiniest layer off. Some businesses run out before noon. Do they make more cupcakes? Nope. They close their door. BUT, these guys have it ALL figured out!! Two thumbs up for sure!

Friday night was the most amazing concert I've been to in ages! Justin and Melissa were FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! The venue was a gorgeous church downtown with stadium style pews, padded pews (even better) and amazing acoustics. *sigh* I didn't want it to end! If you get a chance, check out Justin's music here and Melissa's here.

Went to Canmore yesterday and had my toes done in the Manicurist of Seville:

Stopped in at Rocky Mountain Soap Company's open house and picked up some stuff--mostly for other people, although I'm loving the new spicy mandarin lip butter!

Went for a run in gale force chinook winds this morning:
4.67 km
289 cal

I'm now in Abbotsford!! Whoo hoo!

The rest of the day is going to involve sorting laundry (have I mentioned how much I loathe and despise laundry? I love it when my mom comes to visit, 'cause she loves it and does it for me!) and knitting. Those baby blankies won't knit themselves! This is what the first one looks like:

It's got a seed stitch border with four squares inside. Not a very good description, I know, but it's an easy pattern (Shirls, you could totally do this one!) and lemme tell ya, that's what I need!

OK, off to knit. Happy Sunday! Please read my previous post and let me know what you think!


Fatinah said...

oh, sweet Lord - one week a month I work right around the corner from those cupcakes - why, oh, why did you have to tell me they were there??

very pretty blankie - looks very snuggly!

when I read your title I was like "marathon???? she ran a marathon??? how did I miss THAT??" HAHAHA

Shirls said...

oh you have more faith in my knitting abilities than I! LOL, seed stitch border... READ a pattern? wow..

ok, where the heck is this cupcake from??? At work yesterday they brought in Crave, nothing wrong with saying Crave, I happen to love one type of Crave, Peanut Butter, the mini cakes were passed around the table and by the time they got to me, no peanut butter left so I had no cupcake, I knew I would be so disapointed with anything else so I didn't bother having any of the other types.

Shirls said...

sorry missed the link, but I got it now!

other odd thing I was in Canmore Sunday too..went for a hike in Banff stopped in Canmore to pick up some "beer" as hubby likes to say.. beer to him is Grizzly Paw's rootbeer ;0)