Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh my!

I'd forgotten how much I love this tea:

I came home from work and made a pot and think that it will make a lovely iced drink tomorrow (or whenever the sunshine returns!)

Back to Work

*le sigh*

I've quite enjoyed my days off, even if they did fly by!

All weekend I was down at Prince's Island Park, soaking up the sun (and some rain) at the Calgary Folk Music Festival! It rained (poured, actually) on Friday night, but we stayed dry and warm in our lean-to. Here's me and my folking sister, Kim, and dad, Bill. We've been folking together for almost 10 years, and I love them to bits. Here's us in our lean-to:

And this was our view (the big screens were just off to the right and left and so we could see what was going on on the main stage):

Saturday and Sunday the sun returned and everyone rejoiced! Music! Dancing! Good food! Good friends! Old and new friends! Really, it's the best weekend of the summer, and it went by waaaaaay too quickly!

I had the day off yesterday, which was good, since I managed to get heat stroke on Sunday. Didn't teach yoga, just rested and caught up on Coronation Street.

This morning I awoke to pouring rain (so much for the forecast of 60% chance of showers this afternoon! Pouring rain before 9 a.m.? Sheesh! I wanna be a weather forecaster--the only job you can be wrong all the time and still keep your job. Oh wait, that could be my boss, too...)

Took the bus to the gym where I've been subbing for my friend, Sophie and taught for an hour. I came outside and lo and behold, the rain had stopped! I walked home (40-ish minutes) in the fresh air and I *think* I see blue sky out there now!

Off to work in a bit...maybe I'll play on my mat a bit first, though! Have a beautiful Tuesday!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pisces 2011

My yearly horoscope from Elle Canada (courtesy of my mom who passed it on to me):

Consider this: First comes the thought, then comes the word.
After the word comes the deed, and the deed becomes a habit,
and eventually hardens into character. This is why our thoughts
are who we are and why they create our world. It's also why we
change the way we see our world when we change the way we think.

This change is what is going to happen to you over the next 18
months. Your thoughts will shift because of the influence of Jupiter,
the planet associated with wisdom and joy. Your happiness and
optimism will grow. This positivity will affect every aspect
of your life: your relationships, work, love life, family
connections and ambition. (Dream big!)

Your mantra: "My ideas and attitudes are shaping my life."

Oh yeah! 2011 is the year of AWESOME!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday catch-up

There's been a lot going on:

-yoga: teaching and my own practice

-running: not nearly enough, but a great 8K run on Sunday morning before the heat hit

-family: mom and nephew came to visit. Hit up the Farmer's Market in Millarville and BBQ'd and went to see Wicked. There may also have been Stampede fireworks from a 2nd story patio (sans railing--it's still a construction site, after all) and late night noodles and bubble tea.

It's all good. =)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Training

4.11 km
7:13 km/h
338 cal

Like Wayne Gretzky says, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." It's like that with running, you never regret going once you go. It's like that with yoga, I've never once regretted stepping onto my mat. It's like that with love, you can't fall if you don't take the first step.

What shot are you taking today?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Amazing Saturday

Starts out with a run:
7:33 km/h
6.02 km
488 cal

Followed by whole grain banana chocolate chip pancakes on the patio.

Grocery shop and preparation for BBQ/Epicure party I'm hosting.

Then Restorative Yoga class with my lovely friend Catherine.

And I discovered that I have abdominal muscles in there somewhere, 'cause they hurt like hell from yesterday's crazy yoga class! I love it! =)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Yoga Class

Oh. My.

What fun we had this morning! I must admit, after getting home late, then waking up earlier than I would have liked, I almost didn't go to class this morning. But since I'm going to miss the next two weeks ('cause I'll be subbing for my friend, Sophie), I rolled out of bed and headed away from the craziness of downtown (the Stampede parade, complete with Wills and Kate, was this morning).

After a crazy intense warm-up, I started to get a little worried. I had hoped for a slower, less intense practice this morning. Hah! That's what I wanted, but that's not what I needed. What did I get? What I needed was a partnered practice that went:

Handstand --> Chataranga --> Rajakapotasana
We started in handstand, lowered ourselves down like in chataranga (our partner held our leg(s) while at the same time melting our hearts forward, bending our knees and backbending to the full expression once we were on the floor.

What's rajakapotasana, you ask? This is the variation we did:


So much fun! My feet weren't very close to my head, but there was so much heart opening (melting) and FUN! And empowering to know that I can do that. Followed by tea at S'bucks and great conversation.

What a day. My patio awaits!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yesterday's Run

Had to be fast, since I slept in and my friend was coming over for brunch!

2.66 km
7:02 km/h
214 cal

I wore my speedy shoes for the first time in ages and felt pretty light on my feet. It was hot at 9 already, though! This working late is cutting into my getting up early and going for a run time!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Friday Wrap-up

What a week!

I worked four days this week and put in overtime every.single.night. Anywhere from an hour to 4.25. Sheesh! I'm a little tired and bleary eyed.

Good news, my cousin is driving to the family picnic tomorrow, so instead of being up and on a bus by 0830h, I don't have to get up until then. He's picking me up at 0930h and we'll hit the road. We've been playing phone tag--I haven't actually seen him since we went skiing for his birthday on April Fool's Day. Where has this year gone already?!

With that, I'd better hit the hay. I only got one run in this week, so if I wake up early, I'd like to go for a quick one before we leave. If not, I'm taking my ball glove, a fast ball, a soft ball, a football and a volleyball. There will be activity to be had!

Before work this afternoon, I had a quick yoga practice (obviously, these are not photos of me!):

Salamba sarvangasana (shoulder stand, Mother of all asanas)

Halasana (plow pose)


Sirsasana II (tripod headstand, king of all asanas)




I felt great afterwards!