Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Schedule woes resolved

Well, I had to email my supervisor to see if the schedule had been posted yet. Umm, apparently she posted it yesterday and forgot to email me. Good thing I emailed you at 1 this afternoon, or I'd still be waiting! So in typical fashion, I'm not scheduled for New year's eve, but she DID schedule me for evenings! Seriously?! I have a six hour drive ahead of me and I'm scheduled to work till 10 pm. Grrrr...

Here's the best part, though. I work with the most fabulous people!! And they are why I love my job. One quick email to SC and RJ and just like that, I've got the 30th OFF. I picked up an extra shift from SC the week before Christmas and her and RJ switch benches and all is good in the world. Now how hard was that? Hmmm? Not very. Not sure what I ever did to piss my supervisor off so much that she gives me the shittiest schedule, but thank goodness for great co-workers. They make going to work worthwhile!

Still coughing, but I did get my list done! C. and I are going for noodles for dinner. Nothing like a little beef sate pho with veggies to clear the sinuses.

Also got some great news from some friends this morning, but can't share till Sunday. Let's just say that there's been some serious happy dancing going on in my kitchen for them. =)

And now the couch is calling my name...


Fatinah said...

so glad that your schedule got worked out.... by YOU!!