Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 2013

Well, it's been a month since I was here last. What's new?

  1. My new beau is awesome. We went to Revelstoke for the long weekend to celebrate his birthday. There were walks (cant really call them hikes) in the mountains, wildflowers in bloom, drinks on the patio, the best. Pizza. Ever., and breakfast at the ski hill. Wow, it looks different when its not covered in snow!  Since then, we've just been spending lots of quality time together and going for walks, either in my neighbourhood or his.  We also went to the big outdoor concert for flood relief. It amazes me how much musical talent this country possesses. It blew my mind. There's been talk of combining homes, but neither one of us is ready right now. When my lease is up at the end of January? Quite possibly. =)
  2. I've been meditating again. It's amazing. I don't remember why I stopped. I'm not going to this time. 
  3. The fitness/healthy eating challenge I talked about last time is going well. I still struggle with the workouts. I haven't seen tangible progress yet, but I feel better. The daily habits are going much better than the workouts. Baby steps. Slow and steady. I've got this!
That's about all. I'd better get moving. C is coming over to help me with my measurements for the challenge and then we've got a big day planned: farmers markets and epicure party. T (thats my new beau) will be home around 5 and we're BBQing. 

Peace out.