Sunday, July 3, 2016

What a difference....

Things are pretty hunky dory in my world. Broken hearts heal when they're treated well. 

There's been lotsa love, laughter and adventures lately. And it's all good. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

We now return to regularly scheduled posting....

I biked all summer, but my ass got no smaller. Quite possibly because I was eating everything in sight. Or drinking it.


I rejoined weight watchers. I started journaling what I was eating. I bought a Fitbit.

And guess what?

My ass is shrinking. Go figure.

I have four weddings this summer. FOUR!! And I am a bridesmaid in the third one. I will rock that dress!

Ski season began November 27 in Revy.
Got in a day in Fernie in December.
A week in Revy after Christmas.
Last weekend in Fernie.
Fernie again this weekend. With SNOW!!

You know they always say to find something that you love to do and it won't feel like exercise. That's biking and skiing. I grin the whole time. I love being in the mountains.

And now I must soak in a tub filled with my homemade Weekend  warrior bath salts...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


The operation continues.

Last night there was 11km in Glenbow provincial park. Big ass hill at beginning was a fun ride down. It was a but of a bitch coming back up after 10km and a storm breathing down our necks! But I made it all the way up without walking. I stopped, but I rode the whole thing.

Tonight I rode Nose Hill park. Just about 14km on tired legs in the heat was hard. I did walk a few bits. But it felt great to be out and catching up with my friend.

Getting psyched to hit Fernie again this weekend for an all girls camp! I'm sure my ass is going to get handed to me by a mountain or two, it's going to be fun!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015


How is it August 9 already?!

I'm on day six of the 21 day fix. I knew I was eating well, and this just shows how skewed my portions were. Have I been perfect for the past six days? Nope. But better than before and that's all that matters. 

The workouts are great in terms of they are only 30 minutes and they make you sweat! I'm pretty sore afterwards too.  And I've been doing the modified/no weights version. I'm interested to see the scale/measurement changes after 21 days (I'm not checking until then). 

The Shakeology is...meh. I got the vanilla and it ranks up there with some of the worst protein powders I've ever tasted. I did manage to create a palatable iced chai version so that I still get my morning caffeine but not the milk and sugar. Vegan tropical strawberry is my favourite so far though. 

Over and out. I need to shower and head home. Laundry and meal prep awaits!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Did 10.5 km around Nose Hill after work. It was fast, hard, and hilly! And we just beat the rain, again.

You can't outrun (out bike) your fork.

It's true. So I signed up for the 21 day fix. My cousin's wife is a coach. I know I could use the measuring cups that full my kitchen drawer, and I do, but I obviously need some more guidance.

I'm still going to bike (hells yeah) and I promised Robin I would at least *try* the workouts. But I know the key is with my diet.

That said, I'm also considering a Fitbit Surge....I want the daily activity monitor AND the heart rate monitor for a more accurate calorie burn calculation.

Healthy lunch is packed. Biking gear is packed. A good night's sleep and I'm good to go another day!

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Hit the trails at the Nordic Centre today. Conditions were great, scored rock star parking and had an awesome hour and twenty minute ride with two really big climbs.

Yesterday was COP with Andrea and that's what's on tap for tomorrow, too.

I'm signed up for an amazing camp in Fernie in August so I need to dial up my riding!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Operation Bike My Ass Off

In an effort to beat the insane heat, A and I met at 7 this morning to head to Bragg Creek. We arrived and were some of the first people there, which meant a parking spot in the shade. It was still cool and we were excited to hit the trails. And then shit hit the fan. A couldn't find the keys. And her car doesn't tell like mine does if the fob isn't in the car while it's running. So we weren't sure if they were on the ground by my car (20 minutes away) or at the gas station where she filled up...

And to top it all off, there's no cell service at the trailhead. So A rode back till she got a signal, called my mom to check around my car and her hubby to bring an extra set of keys. I waited and was tormented by flies and mosquitoes. Oh yeah, we both forgot bug spray =\

A returned and we got ready to head out. D would bring a key and meet us later. And then we saw it...

On top of the car, hiding behind the ski rack, were the keys.

So we got started a little late, but still beat most of the heat. We rode up boundary ridge (I think it took us about an hour of steady climbing). And flew back down in 15 minutes or less. Super fun--great cardio on the uphill and lots of practice working on the skills I'm learning in my course on the way down.

Hit up Costco, spent the afternoon prepping lunches and dinners for the week and now am hanging out in front of my AC with Nerm. =)