Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday’s To-Do’s

  1. Complete Yoga Teacher Training Application
  2. Submit Yoga Teacher Training Application
  3. Banking
  4. Groceries
  5. Bake 8 dozen Triple-Ginger Gingersnaps
  6. Cook remaining meatballs
  7. Make big pot of lentil chili for freezer
  8. Make big pot of spaghetti sauce for freezer
  9. Knit
  10. Tidy house (read: find Garmin!)
  11. Nap
  12. Blog
  13. Walk (3.95 km)
  14. Pick up fabulous Christmas Party Dresses from drycleaners

The list is getting shorter! Chili & pasta sauce are simmering and I’ve got everything for the cookies (I didn’t have enough molasses so had to make a quick trip to Safeway). I just looked outside and it’s snowing, so I think the rest of the day will be inside!

New downstairs neighbour moved in this morning. First dozen cookies will be delivered there. They are currently parked in my parking spot. Not cool. Cookies will help, I’m sure!

Have a great day!

Oh yeah, between my run yesterday and walk today, I’ve  passed the Wonderland Amusement Park am currently at West boundary Upper Sumas Indian Reserve #6. Still in Abbottsford and oh, so close to the cabin! We’ll see if there’s going to be a detour.

Edit: So there has been no knitting, tidying, or napping. There have been some cookie taste tastes. I am a sucker for a gingersnap. ‘Specially if there’s milk to dunk ‘em in!

But since I can no longer keep my eyes open, I’m going to bed! ‘Night!


Anonymous said...

How did I miss that you're going to become a Yoga Instructor??!! That's so exciting! :)

Your list looked like my weekend list. Hopefully the cookies get your parking spot freed up.

Have a great night!

Nik said...

Wow... you are done your cookies... I am jealous. ;-)
That's on my to do list today!!!
I can hardly wait to taste your Triple Ginger gingersnaps... YUMMMY!! Have a good snow day!!