Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday LSD & January Totals

It's bloody cold out there, people! But I put on my big girl panties, sucked it up and headed out for:
894 cal
75% mhr
Not bad at all!

January recap:
7305 cal
On the calendar:
12 feet (running/walking)
17 turtles (yoga)

Buh bye, January! Bring on February (and sunshine with a chinook, please)!


I can feel muscles I forgot that I had! My entire body feels yesterday's skiing escapade--the work out AND the wipe out(s)!

I'm supposed to run 19K this morning. It snowed overnight and is still snowing. I don't wanna run on ice anymore!! So I think I'll head out for a walk and see what happens. I probably won't make 19K, but at least I'll get out there.

I'll be back...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Super Saturday!

I was up bright and early this morning (after working till 10 and then staying up till 1130 putting in the Tupperware order). My scale showed me up 0.2 pounds which makes sense considering the lack of exercise this week and the various cakes that found their way into my mouth. Quite a surprise then, when the WW scale showed me down a full pound! WTF?! Either way, I'm about the same as I was last week.

Grabbed a quick chai and breakfast sammie at S'bucks and waited for Jackie to swing by. We were originally going to head out to Canmore for some x-country skiing, but decided to try West Bragg Creek instead. After getting me geared up at the general store (cheap, but definitely well loved gear) we headed out. Our day started out really well as we ventured into the quiet forest. We both took a spill early on but attributed that to getting our ski legs. But we forgot lesson #1 in the mountains: what goes up, must come down! HOLY. MOTHER. OF. GOD! I believe I wiped out three times trying to go down the freaking hills. My boots didn't fit nearly as well as I thought they did: whenever I tried to snowplow, my ankles just rolled over. I eventually just popped off the skis and walked! No major injuries, although I think I've sprained my left thumb and I'm sure there's a huge bruise brewing on my left hip as I type. Oh, and then there was the fall at the end of the day when I was standing still. Not sure how to explain that one, but there was lots of laughing!

We skied 5.81K in 1:48:16 and my Garmin says I only burned 320-something calories. Obviously, Garmin is on crack and does not realize how hard I was working!

Came home, napped with Nerm for a few hours and then went out to get some fruits and veg. Faye posted a great sounding fruit salad recipe this morning and I wanted to try it out. Sorry, batteries are dead in the camera, so no photos tonight. I'll try and remember to get more batteries tomorrow.

Dinner was Ceasar salad (Epicure dressing) and s'getti and meatballs (made with Epicure Polpette spice). The pasta sauce was Epicure Rustico but I tweaked it a bit. The original calls for just tomatoes (diced and crushed) and spices. I sauteed an onion, garlic, some celery, red pepper, zuke and 'shrooms THEN added the spices and tomatoes. Oh, and there may have been some red wine in there, too. And also in the cook! All in all, two thumbs up for dinner tonight.

I'm going to tidy the kitchen (what has Nerm done with the cleaning fairy?!) and then try and knit. Some gentle yoga and a bath, then I'm up and at'em first thing in the morning. Training schedule calls for 19K, but Environment Canada is saying light snow and -9C. I'd really like to have a long run with no snow!! Oh well, I DO live in Canada, so I shouldn't be surprised to have snow in January.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Have you seen this?

Jaime is hosting a fabulous giveaway! Check it out!

Keep in mind that I want those mitts, though!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Oh my goodness, I'm zonked! Short shifting (worked evening shift on Tuesday, then days on Wednesday) was worth it for Steve!! An amazing concert (we had great seats, too) with fabulous company--my music loving friend, Alli.

Got my hair done this morning then stopped at Wok Box for lunch. I got shrimp pad thai lunch sized. It was mostly noodles (oh, there were 2 pieces of carrot, 1 onion, 1 broccoli and 2 red pepper, too). Lesson learned: ask for EXTRA veggies and half the noodles!

Did I ever tell you guys that I became a Tupperware lady? I figured I'd do it long enough to get my cupboards all organized and then just have a book party now and then. So far, so good! I just entered some orders and it's pretty easy so far.

Now it's quarter to twelve, the 'A' key on my keyboard keeps sticking and pissing me off, so I think it's time for bed. Oh, I'm also craving carbs and that's not a good sign!

Tomorrow's plan:
-talk to union guy
-finish Tupperware order

I'm exhausted just typing that!

'night! I'll leave you with another photo from the weekend:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Not feeling the running mojo today, but I still put on some gym gear and headed out.
3.15 km
257 cal
It wasn't a great run, but at least I went!

My poor, tired eyes are burning (where are those eye drops?) and my hair needs some serious help. And I think I should probably put on different clothes to go out tonight.
So you can see why this is a fly by post!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Too Excited To Sleep!

I get to see one of my very favourite singer songwriters perform tomorrow. Solo. Unplugged. I can't wait!

STEVE EARLE is coming to town!!

Now, you probably only know his hit song, "Copperhead Road." But this man is much, much more than that (although it is a fabulous song). He held out and made the music HE wanted to make, not what the record companies thought he should. He speaks his mind (the song 'F the CC' comes to mind) and his music always tells a story.

Check out The Revolution Starts...Now if you want to know how he feels about the American invasion of Iraq or George W. in general. He fast-tracked that album so that it would be released before the election. It's by far my favourite!

But I digress. He's lived an oh, so colourful life (booze, drugs, you name it) and has come out the other side an accomplished guitar player, producer, actor, and story teller. His latest album is a dedication to his friend, fellow singer songwriter Townes Van Zandt and I can hardly wait to hear the songs and stories that are sure to accompany them.

So I'm off to bed! If you get a chance, here's a list of my favourite Steve songs:
Somewhere Out There--El Corazon
I Thought You Should Know--The Revolution Starts...Now
Copperhead Road (it's a classic!)
Poison Lovers--El Corazon

His Classic country tunes:
Guitar Town
Goodbye's All We've Got Left
Good Ol' Boy (Gettin' Tough)
I Ain't Ever Satisfied
Six Days on the Road

More Ice Festival

The People's Choice Award winner and our favourite, too!

Weekly Recap (a few days late)

Goals for the week:
Run 3/4
Yoga 5/5
Journal 7/7
No pop 7/7
Meeting 1/1
Leave one bite per meal -- most of the time!

This week I commit to:
Run X3 (I can consistently do this!)
Yoga X5
Journal X7
No pop
Cross country ski

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ice Magic Festival

More photos to follow!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Long Run

Environment Canada said -9C (-17C with wind chill). Two hours, twenty minutes and eleven seconds later, Garmin says I ran 16.26 km. He (not sure why, but I'm pretty sure my Garmin is a guy) also says I burned 1166 calories. Not too shabby!

I sure wish people would clear their f&%*ing sidewalks, though! And a note to the city of Calgary: while I appreciate that you use a sweeper to clean the paths, without the addition of salt, you polish the ice and thereby make the paths MORE dangerous than if you didn't clean them at all. I slipped no fewer than THREE times all on paths the City is responsible for cleaning. Good thing I've got some superior core strength or I would've bit it, each and every time!

Off for lunch with S's family at the Taj (where else would we go?) then we're heading to Lake Louise for the night. It's the final day of the ice carving contest and it's S's birthday tomorrow. I'll be back tomorrow night!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Food Porn

Here are some photos I finally got around to downloading.

Mushroom soup from The Best of Chef at Home.
'Shrooms + Wine + Cream = DIVINE

Braised Elk Shanks with Horseradish Whipped Potatoes and Three Sesame Asian Greens (Baby Bok Choy)(greens from The Best of Chef at Home)
The greens were amazing but had too much dressing. Cook more greens next time!

Beef Stew with Potatoes, Carrots and Peas (and more wine)
I thought I'd skimmed most of the fat off, but I see a lot of glistening there. Oh well, it's tasty!

What I left so that I can have popcorn later if I want to. =)

Boo Mother Nature!

Due to bad road conditions (snow + wind + mountains = dangerous roads), skiing was postponed for today. We got to Cochrane and Jackie decided she didn't want to go further. So we made the loop, got caught up a bit (we work on the same floor, yet hardly see each other!) and made plans for next Saturday and the following Friday. Banff Trail, I WILL conquer you!

What to do, what to do? I think I'll pull out the knitting. My January 31st deadline is fast approaching and it's a good day to stay in by the fire, knit a bit and nap a bit! And I've got some yummy homemade mushroom soup for lunch and a stew for dinner. Perfect comfort food!

And get this:
WW scale says down 1.8 (mine -0.4).
Last week: WW down 1.4 (mine -2.2).
WTF? Oh well, both scales are down, which is all I care about!

Enjoy the weekend!

Saturday WI

Down 0.4! Get's me back into the decade I saw briefly before Christmas. This time, there's no going back!

Off to WW meeting, grab a quick chai at S'bucks, and then Jackie's picking me up and we're heading to Canmore to go cross country skiing! I haven't been for a few years, but I do remember how incredibly humbling it was. I'm pretty fit. I know this. But I also know that cross country skiing has a way of kicking your ass and showing you your lungs! But what fun! I think we're going to do the Banff trail.

After that, I definitely see a nap in my future!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award! (aka things you don't know about me)

Thanks to Lynn and Fatinah for passing this on:

Seven things you may not know about me (this was more difficult than I thought it would be!):

1. The only time I have NOT had a pet was during years 2-5 of university. They were four of the loneliest years of my life.

2. I DESPISE coffee. I love the way it smells, but the taste is vile. And yes, I've tried mochas, lots of milk and sugar, desserts, Kaluha, all the typical coffee flavoured things. NONE of them make my taste buds happy.

3. I don't know that I will ever be able to share my living space with another human. After three days, I start to go snaky. Maybe if I had more square feet...

4. I have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Basically, my body attacks itself. My kidneys and joints pay the biggest price. I don't remember what it's like to wake up and not hurt somewhere. I also have stretch marks that are so big and deep that they are still purple, 15 years after I gained 20 pounds overnight (yes, literally! Kidneys shut down and I started retaining water). They're my tiger stripes though, part of what makes me ME.

5. I don't want kids. Not now. Not ever. And no, I don't think I'll feel differently if it's my own. I don't even really like kids. Babies, I like.

6. I know a lot of people. There's too many to count.

7. I came thiiiiiiis close to knowingly sleeping with a married man. In my own defense, I was on a mountain in Africa and it was COLD! Stupid morals...

I know I should pass this on, but instead, I'll challenge all of you to leave me a comment or post your own list of things I don't know about you!

And now, I'm off for drinks with my favourite peeps, S & L. They're having human resources issues at their company and we thought a good drink or two would help! Happy Friday!

H =)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Four Years Ago Today...

I reached my WW goal weight!

And less than twelve hours later, my dad died.

I don't like today.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NSV's out the wazoo!

#1. I wore jeans yesterday that are size 11. I've been wearing 13's for over a year.

I knew based on how my scrubs fit that they should be getting close to fitting, but I hadn't tried 'em on sans Spanx in AGES. Yesterday I thought, "Hmpf. They should be close to getting over the thighs again."

And you know what? They were! WITHOUT Spanx help!
Whoo hoo!

#2. I took my measurements today.

I took them last on November 16. Since then, I have been running and practicing yoga. I usually add a few strength moves at the end of at least one run per week and I try and do pushups and some ab work each day, too. I know that I can sustain running and yoga for the rest of my life. I need both, not just for my physical health, but for my emotional well-being, too. I'm feelin' goooood....

*drum roll, please*

Right upper arm: -1/4"
Waist (measured at belly button): -1 3/8"
Hips: -1/2"
Right thigh: -1"
Bust: -1"
Total: -4 1/8"

#3. Tried two new recipes today!
Cream of mushroom soup (Chef at Home) and Braised Elk shanks. My house smells sooooooo good! Recipe reviews to follow.

#4. I have run over 200km since October! Yesterday and today's runs put me at the west side of the Fraser River bridge.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Product Reviews

Lundberg Black Japonica Rice: a blend of black and mahogany rice.

Served the Brazilian fish stew over this and some spinach and Oh. My. God. Rice with flavour? When cooked in water? Really? Who knew? Definitely worth a try.

Bioderma Sensibio H20
Best makeup remover. Ever. Thank you Beth at Shopper's Drug Mart. Cost me $22, but my face is clean every night before bed! The website doesn't have photos (that I could find)but like I said: Shopper's.

Blood Orange
Not an orange orange. They're blood red. I bought two. One was meh. The other was fan-freaking-tastic!

Go get some. Now!

Grow Op Progress and Recipe Reviews



New Recipe #1: Veggie Chili
I bought some of this 13 bean soup mix awhile ago:

I'd never soaked and then cooked my own beans before so I thought as part of my two new recipe challenge I'd give it a shot. It worked, but I'm not convinced it's worth the effort! The chili is full of beans and tomatoes, peppers, corn, celery, onions, 'shrooms and zuke. Yummy!

Recipe #2: Brazilian Fish Stew
We found a Jasper tour guide in our hotel room that featured recipes from chefs from restaurants in Jasper. This was from the place we ate the first night there: Fiddle River Seafood (too bad they don't have a website--you'll have to go to Jasper to check 'em out).
Super simple--saute onion, ginger, garlic and chilis. Add paprika for last 30 sec. Simmer diced tomatoes (with juice), coconut milk and chicken stock. Add sauteed veg.
Continue to simmer gently. Add seafood (I used scallops) for last 10 minutes. Serve with cilantro and crushed peanuts.

I took a picture, but I don't have a fancy schmancy camera (or photography skills) and it didn't turn out. I'll try and take one at lunch.

Really yummy--I need to add more coconut milk when I reheat it though. I used powdered coconut milk (don't knock it till you've tried it!) and I didn't get enough. And the peanuts totally finish the dish!

My ass and neck are sore from my less than dignified tumble on the running trail yesterday. Good thing I've got three days off to recover!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekly Re-Cap

So my goals for this week were to:
-Run 4 days. I ran 3, but got in a great 45 minute walk too. So almost, but not quite.

-Yoga 5 days. DONE! In fact, I'm planning on a long restorative practice after work tonight, so that'll bump me to 6.

-Journal 7 days. DONE! I even got a bravo! sticker at my meeting for journalling for two whole weeks!

-No pop. DONE! I almost caved a time or two, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

-Attend meeting. DONE! It was so great to see Faye again (it's been over a month, I think!). In typical WW fashion, there was only one receptionist and one person at the scale so I had to stand in line twice. Sheesh! Not very efficient and we missed half of the meeting.

-Try two new recipes. DONE! Reviews to follow.

This week's goals:
Same as before plus try to leave at least one bite at every meal.

Mileage recap:
Monday: 4.17km 44:28 249 cal
Wednesday: 5.45km 44:09 426 cal
Saturday: 4.05km 32:08 326 cal
Sunday: 10.03km 1:22:08 776 cal + fall on ass (very undignified!)
Total: 23.7km 1776 cal
This puts me through the town of Yale, BC and at Saddle Rock Tunnel.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Down 2.2 pounds!

That is all =)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Sorry there's been no post since Tuesday!

Lots has been going on, including not sleeping. Insomnia sucks. Must try and get some zzzzz's. TGIF!

H =)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grow Op & Tupperware

No run this afternoon--the need for sleep reigned supreme! I feel much better now!

Check this out:

Planted Boxing Day!! I'm most excited about that second baby basil sprout. Oh, if I can grow fabulous herbs indoors, my war with the squirrels may not be quite so vicious this year!

And now, I'm off to make myself bee-u-ti-ful for the Tupperware party I'm going to. I haven't been to a party in like, 15 years, so it should be interesting! There's a steamer thingy I'm intrigued by...

A demain!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Days go by...

Days off that is! And they go by quickly!

Slept in a little and had a lovely yoga practice. Brekkie was All Bran (can't beat 12g of fibre in half a cup!), Astro French vanilla yogurt and peaches/cherries/blueberries. Washed down with chai, of course!

Laundry: DONE.
Knitting: DONE.
Errands: DONE.
New recipe: DONE. Well, technically it was a new technique (soaking and cooking beans for chili) but I'm counting it.

Walking for noodles with G. & baby Bella earned me:
4.17 k
249 calories
and puts me at the Puckatholetchin Indian Reserve.

Time for bed. 4:30 is early, even for me! 'Night, all!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I've made it!! The first leg of my Trans-Canadian journey is officially complete with today's FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC run! It was +5C and sunny. Perfect running weather.
14.61 km
1132 cal

I'm now 1.6 km on my way to Kamloops at Station Rd, Ross Rd south end of Schkam Indian Reserve 2!

It was a tight squeeze getting home, stretched, showered, fed and to work on time, but I made it. Barely! Took an hour of banked over time tonight since we were pretty much done and all I could think about was a soak in my lovely tub.

Food is journalled, I had a yummy snack when I got home (nachos, cheese and salsa).

How was my week:
Journal 7 days/7
Yoga 5 days/7
Run 3 days/7 (26.17km)

Goals for next week:
-No pop
-Run 4 days
-Yoga 5 days
-Journal daily
-Go to WW meeting
-Try 2 new recipes

So glad that I have tomorrow off!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week in Review

Good news: Yoga teacher training is officially ON! Whew!

Friday's run with M:
55:03 (includes cool down)
450 cal
Catching up with an old friend while having a great run (capris and long sleeved t-shirt great run!) 8 days into the new year: PRICELESS.

The scale revealed a stay-the-same. I'll take it! My scrubs have been fitting much better in the past month. New weight goal: 175 by the time teacher training starts on Feb. 8. Hopefully before, so that I can go spend my VISA gift card at Lulu!!

I worked today and came home and crashed on the couch with Nerm while reading Runner's World. An hour and a half later, I woke up. Guess I need to go to bed earlier!

Photos that I've been too lazy to post lately:

Baked shrimp/veggie/orzo with feta from Monday (a second dish also served as lunch on Tuesday). Note the WW 3 month journal (AND there's even writing in it)!

Veggie lasagna I made that boiled over in the oven. I only clean ovens when I move....let's just say it's not a pretty sight and leave it at that. Tasty, though!

Aforementioned lasagna served with a salad.

Gingerbread pancake. Tasted good, but I should've used a pie plate like the recipe said. It got really high and puffy on the sides, but flat in the middle.

Used to make Lemon Yogurt to serve with gingerbread pancake.

Hit or miss? Meh...I wasn't fussy for it. I think next time I'll stick to the original recipe (it's just a plain fluffy pancake) with vanilla yogurt and berries.

Dinner tonight. Lentil chili (with a few drops of Louisiana Hot Sauce to kick it up a notch) & bulgur. Garnished with yogurt cheese and fresh cilantro. YUM!

I'm going to go and get some milk and then come home and do some yoga. And knit. I'm making noticeable progress! Early to bed for a 14K LSD run tomorrow morning and work from 12-8. Thank goodness I get Monday off! And best part of Monday? NOODLES with G (& hopefully baby Isabella)!

Have a great night.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just when you think...

you have it all figured out!

Apparently I'm not the only one who was unable to attend training due to the ridiculous location. It's now been rescheduled for Feb 8 - June 2 and the location is much better! So now I go back to work and see if we can make the schedule work.

It also means that my first full marathon can't be Windemere--there's an intensive that weekend (Thursday - Sunday). I could do the Calgary full and save money (no traveling involved) though....or maybe Woody's in Red Deer--much prettier course and I could bunk at my mom's or cousin's (my 92 year old fabulous second cousin, Clara, who is much more like my grandma than my own grandmother, but that's another story)...and Woody's is cheaper! =P

*le sigh* So glad that I didn't go sign up for French classes yesterday like I almost did!

Onto other things, food was successfully recorded in 3 month journal, even the calamari that I indulged in for dinner. Going to do some yoga (my ass is feeling the squats from yesterday!) and maybe knit for a bit before bed. Did I tell you that I will have this baby blanket done by January 31? I don't remember. But I will.

I've also trimmed the blogs that I follow...and I will endeavour to comment on those that I do follow more often. I know how much I love comments! And wowsers, when did I get 30 followers?!

I was walking by Blame Betty this afternoon (it's on the way home from my hairdressers) and realized that I like that funky retro look they have in their window. With the hair done in rollers and the retro cat eye glasses that I adore, I think I pull the look off pretty well...but maybe that's just me!

Sorry for the random, jumbled thoughts....oh wait, that's what it's like talking to me IRL!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chicken Tagine: Hit or Miss?

Definitely a HIT!

I marinated a bone-in chicken breast and 5 chicken thighs using the spices in this recipe. Browned them in a heavy pot with some oil. Moved 'em to the tagine. Added a chopped onion and sauteed for about 5 minutes, then added 3 crushed gloves of garlic and some grated ginger. Cooked little more. Add 2 cups chicken stock and a generous teaspoon of tomato paste. Then I added the extras from an old recipe I had made once before: 1/2 cup each of dried apricots, prunes and green olives. Pour over the chicken in the tagine. Cover and bake in a 350F oven for 1.5 - 2 hours.

I served it over bulgur soaked with chicken stock, fresh spinach (wilted a little in the microwave) and some cooked sweet potato (there wasn't room in the tagine to add them). Garnished with a little fresh mint.

Oh. My. Freaking. God. was it good!

Kicked S's ass in Scrabble (I <3 a game with words!) and now have the kitchen tidied and am going to go run a bath (I need some RMSC Sore Muscle Soak) and read my new issue of Yoga Journal.


First 5K of 2010!

Garmin says:
45:05 min
425 cal

Followed by 2 sets of:
12 x Thrusters with 8 lb weight
12 x Lunges
12 x Lateral raises with 5 lb weight
20 x Bicep curl with 8 lb weights
12 x 8 lb leg/arm extension (I don't know what these are called but we did 'em in boot camp
10 x pushups

At the end I added another set of pushups and v-sit. And some Supermans for my back.

This puts me at Peters Indian Reserve 1, Peters Rd Exit #151 along the Trans Canada and 20 km away from Hope! Certainly not the fastest run, but it felt good to be out there again. And considering I haven't run since Dec. 27 (YIKES!) I'm good with it. My training schedule has me running 3 times during the week (time based runs, not distance) plus one long, slow run (distance) on Sundays. While I would like to run each day, I'll be happy with 2 runs during the week and my weekend run. I need to listen to my body and be able to adjust my training based on what it's telling me.

The rest of my day entails a shower (running makes me stinky!), knitting and dinner with S. I'm making a chicken tagine and couscous. I may have to nip out for a few things since my cupboard is as bare as Old Mother Hubbard's.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yoga Brain

I just had the most AMAZING yoga practice! 88 minutes of gentle, restorative, yin yoga. I heart yoga!!

The snow (10 + cm?) made the sidewalks treacherous today, so I didn't run. An excuse, I know. But just think of how good tomorrow's run will be!

Got the most recent email from the Alliance Francaise tonight...I just might be able to do the class I dropped out of when I met S! It's twice a week (3 hours at a time) for just 6 weeks. I need to double check the schedule (a co-worker had asked me to change but I wasn't able to with my yoga class...but now I need the trade to make French!) Those darned doors, opening up new and exciting things all the time!!

I successfully wrote down everything that went into my mouth today. That's two days in a row, people! Whoo hoo!

Cooking dinner for S. tomorrow. Not sure what to make...a tagine in the tagine pot Carol gave me for Christmas, or one of the recipes I found while in Jasper, or something from Chef at Home?


Monday, January 4, 2010


Pyramid Mountain:

Hiking into the Maligne Canyon:

Ice fall in Maligne Canyon:

Me & S. after the Maligne Canyon

The Fam during dinner at Jasper Park Lodge on NYE:

Me & S. in front of the Poinsettia Tree at JPL:

It's after 10, I've practiced yoga, I've done the pushups and crunches AND brushed and flossed. Time to call it a day!


Top Ten for 2010

Blatantly stealing (I mean borrowing) this idea from Patsy!

1. Return to my goal weight. How: I will journal here and in my WW 3 month journal. I am notoriously bad at writing in journals--my last entry in my WW journal prior to today was Dec. 20. BUT, I've been pretty good about blogging. So between the two of them, journalling shall be conquered! Also, I like what Faye (my fearless WW leader) says: I can only commit to journalling today. One day at a time. I like it.

2. I will run:
Around the Bay on March 28,
Windemere Marathon (all 26.2 miles) on May 12,
the Underwear Affair on June 5,
Melissa's (September 25) and
the Honolulu Marathon (December 12) again.
I have already started the Marathoning for Mortals training program. Slow and steady will win the race!
And by win, I mean upright, smiling and uninjured.

3. I'll continue to embrace the clean eating and 100 mile diet lifestyles. Make my own meals. Buy local. Grow what I can. Less processed food. More veggies. Less meat.

4. I will continue my education. I'm going to look at French classes again. And I'm still on the lookout for a yoga teacher training program!

5. Travel. Hamilton/Ancaster/Toronto in March. Spokane in May. Hawaii in December, maybe Jasper too! If S's brother ever sets a date for his wedding (not holding my breath since engagement was announced in May, there was no ring when they were here in August and here it is January and STILL no date), there may also be a trip to Japan in my future. God knows, somebody's gotta hold S's hand on the plane! =P

6. Yoga...daily. I need more turtle stickers. And the sanity that comes from having a daily practice.

7. I will also spend more time in the mountains. Skiing (downhill and x-country) this winter and hiking in the summer. I want to ski at least once a month while there's snow. And hiking every chance I get in the summer!

8. 10 pushups & 30 crunches before bed. Another blatant steal (thanks, Abbey!). At least. Of course, I'll be cross training at least once a week (two on a good week) so this should be the bare minimum.

9. I will host a Sunday dinner at least once every two months. I got a great cookbook from Santa (Chef at Home) and I want to try it out! But alas, I cannot cook for just one, so I need a crowd. That's six dinners in a year. Totally doable. Friends + family + (good) food = Happy happy.

10. Live each day to the fullest. Embrace each day as though it's my last. Laugh out loud. Every day.


When one door closes...

...another one opens. While sad that my yoga teacher training didn't work out, I know that it's either one of two things: I'm not ready yet or it's not the right training for me.

So, how'd I do in 2009? Let's see:
1. A return to my goal weight! NOPE. But I have lost 10 pounds since the end of August, so I'll take it.

2. I will run Vancouver, the Underwear Affair and Melissa's again. Maybe Okanogan too...Check. Check. Check. Didn't make Kelowna.

3. I'll continue to embrace the clean eating and 100 mile diet lifestyles. You betchya! Processed food rarely makes it into my house and the Farmer's Market is my favourite weekend outing.

4. I will continue my education, whether it be my masters (still not sure what to do about that...opinions/advice welcomed) or take French through the Alliance Francaise. Hmmmm...dropped out of master's...and French....stoopid boys!

5. Travel...not sure where, not sure when. I've got 365 days to decide. YEP! Fun-couver in May AND November, Jasper in December. Who said you have to leave your province or country to travel?

6. Yoga...daily (or as close to it as possible) and my yoga retreat in May. I'm going to give myself this one (even though the number of turtle stickers on the calendar (a la Shirls) is woefully small, there's a reason it's called practice! Couldn't get time off in May for the retreat, but I made my own in November when I went to see Kate.

7. I will also spend more time in the mountains. Skiing (downhill and x-country) this winter and hiking in the summer. Done. Didn't get skiing till New Year's Eve, but it still counts! And Carol, S. & I hit the trails more than once, plus there was a biking trip, too.

Five outta seven ain't bad, right? up (after figuring out why the 'e' and 'n' keys keep sticking) is to set my goals for 2010.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Tired and cranky, but safe and sound! Will be back later to post re-cap.