Saturday, January 16, 2016

We now return to regularly scheduled posting....

I biked all summer, but my ass got no smaller. Quite possibly because I was eating everything in sight. Or drinking it.


I rejoined weight watchers. I started journaling what I was eating. I bought a Fitbit.

And guess what?

My ass is shrinking. Go figure.

I have four weddings this summer. FOUR!! And I am a bridesmaid in the third one. I will rock that dress!

Ski season began November 27 in Revy.
Got in a day in Fernie in December.
A week in Revy after Christmas.
Last weekend in Fernie.
Fernie again this weekend. With SNOW!!

You know they always say to find something that you love to do and it won't feel like exercise. That's biking and skiing. I grin the whole time. I love being in the mountains.

And now I must soak in a tub filled with my homemade Weekend  warrior bath salts...