Sunday, November 15, 2009

Need feedback, please!

OK, so I really, really, really want to do my yoga teacher training! There's an AMAZING opportunity to do it part time, starting in January. As you know, my work schedule is erratic and not posted in a very timely manner.

So this is the email I've composed to my manager and supervisor asking for their co-operation. Whaddya think?

I have been offered an amazing opportunity to take my yoga teacher training on a part time basis (typically this training is only offered in month-long training sessions and not often in Calgary). Before making such a large financial and time commitment, I need to ensure that my work schedule can be accommodated. I would require:
-Wednesday evenings off from January 4 - April 21
-January 21-24 off
-March 18-21 off
I am willing to use vacation days if necessary, although my preference would be to use my scheduled days off. Would this be able to be accommodated? If you could let me know prior to December 1, I would appreciate it. Thanks!


Julie said...

I think the e-mail sounds great... and I hope you get to do it!!! Keep us updated!

Fatinah said...

sounds very professional to me!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I think it sounds great and you are being totally flexible about it too considering you are willing to use vacation days!

What a cool opportunity! I'm excited for you!

Shirls said...

nice! what a great opportunity! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I think the letter sounds great, its simple, to the point and clearly states what you need.

Natalie said...

That sounds perfectly reasonable. Hope it all worked out! Good luck.