Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Really Random Ramblings!

Where to start?

-Garmin says: 38:44, 4.08km, 253 cal. Didn't have the gas in the tank for a run, but a brisk walk felt good. This takes me thiiiiis close to the McCallum Road overpass & Exit 90 in Abbotsford.

-I need new runners. Good thing Christmas is coming!

-I've ordered some Spanx to help ensure Operation Christmas Party Dress is a smashing success. Both dresses now fit (and can be zipped up) so from here on in, it's all about toning.

-BEST. NEWS. EVER!!! My supervisor is willing to schedule me as I requested as long as I can switch the shifts I'm already scheduled for in January. DONE (in less than ten minutes, so why she felt that she couldn't POSSIBLY do it, I have no idea!) I don't have it in writing yet, but I'm thinking positively and working on the application anyway. Whoo hoo! Um, I mean namaste. Ommmmmmmmmmmmm....

-Nerm found a new hiding spot on the weekend: the drawer in my closet. Freaked me out because I thought she had escaped (AGAIN) and when I found her she was like, "What?!" I've yet to capture her absolute adorableness on film (disc?), but it's the cutest thing ever.

-Food choices have been pretty good of late. Well, there seems to be some Halloween candy left at work--seriously? Why haven't those people eaten it all already? Sheesh.

-I think I've decided what to buy S. for Christmas: four day pass for Folk Fest and a bottle of the 8 ticket wine we found at the Food & Wine Festival. If I can find it, that is! Comments? Suggestions? I'm new at this so not really sure what the protocol is!

-I forgot how hard 0600-1400h shift is! I MUST be in bed by 2030h tonight!

-I have yet to discover warm & fuzzy feelings about laundry. I'm hoping my mom comes down next week for a visit! Hey, she just spent three weeks with her other grandkids. Nerm is starting to get a complex.

-I think that's it.

H =)


Lex said...

Oohh I love spanx!! I still have no idea what to wear for my christmas party! jeepers!!

sleep tight!

Amber said...

I think your Christmas present idea for S is great!!

YAY for getting the time off! So so cool that you are doing your yoga teacher training. I'll have to come to Calgary and take one of your classes!!

Fatinah said...

I'm so glad that everything worked out with your shifts!!