Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Long Runs Return!

Thank goodness! I had myself pretty freaked out this week. Honolulu is 1 month, 1 week and 4 days away and I haven't done a solid long run since Melissa's at the end of September. EGAD!!

I had a good little run yesterday (in my old shoes) and felt good heading out this morning. I purposely chose to run along my bus route (with a bus ticket in my pocket) in case I needed a ride home. I didn't!

1245 cal

I've got ham in the oven and everything I need to make cheesy scalloped potatoes in wine. YUM. I heart Sunday dinners.

I finished the baby blanket!! I had do do a few rows when I got home from the workshop yesterday afternoon, but it's cast off. All that's left is to weave in the ends. The Entrelac workshop was good, just a little rushed. I think a 3 or 3 1/2 hour class would have been better. Christie and I came home and worked on our scarves for a few hours to make sure we knew what we were doing. Then we decided that we deserved a bevvie after making our brains work that hard!

Alas, I didn't make the best choices, but today is a new day. And I must remember to drink more water!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Physio Rehab

Photo from

Well, I was right! It was the shoes! We have a new plan: ease into 'em gradually, and make more regular appointments for physio. Oh, and do the exercises!!

I had acupuncture on both legs and while I had jelly legs as I left, they're starting to feel better now. I also have an appointment on Monday afternoon. Have I mentioned how much I love my physio? My running is SO much better since I started seeing her. And my body likes physio too--happy body = good running.

Whipped up a pasta dinner with stuff in my fridge:

-28 oz diced tomatoes

Saute veg in a bit of EVOO. Add tomatoes and simmer till liquid has reduced to barely anything. Add:

-red wine (I had some Shiraz laying about)
-fresh basil
-anchovy paste (don't worry, you can't taste it! It adds a whole new dimension to the sauce)

Simmer some more until desired thickness (another 20 minutes or so).
Served up over a cup of macaroni (original, I know) with a tablespoon of grated Parm (the real stuff, not the powder from the green can. Trust me, it's like the anchovies!)

Super yummy! And I also have leftovers!

I have the day off tomorrow and am looking forward to:
-a run
-some yoga
-noodles for lunch
-possibly a kirtan (chanting)
-drinks to say goodbye to a coworker
-dinner with Carol, who I haven't seen in what seems like ages!

Whew! And I'm almost done the blanket--10 rows left!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whew! Wednesday

A numbered list of things I'm grateful for today:

1. My legs. For carrying me 5.3km with no pain in my old shoes. I can't wait to discuss with my physio tomorrow.

2. My lungs. For taking in enough oxygen so that I could run those 5.3K, even in 93% humidity.

3. The crisp, fall air. I love running in the fall! (I don't love running in the dark so much, though.)

4. My mom. Just 'cause I know I'm lucky that we have such a great relationship. She's not just my mom, she's my friend, too.

5. My hairdresser, Jody. She makes the sparkly bits go away!

6. The Banff Tea Company's Ayurvedic Keep Well Tea. It's yummy!

7. Nerm. 'Cause she makes me laugh. And she's getting to be such a good snuggler. That's important as the temperature drops!

8. My trip to Africa. I was going through some photos tonight and it brought back some wonderful memories. It was worth working two jobs for!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


So I didn't even get my first interval done and the pain was there. Right knee this time. It was twinging the odd time during my last two runs, but nothing like this. And really, I'm not about to start a 26K run with a knee that hurts. Is it my new shoes? Biomechanics? Orthotics + new shoes? God help me, an injury? Egad, I just don't know!

So now I wait till Monday and place a frantic call to my amazing physio, Carmen. I'll take my training plan with me and we'll revamp it together.

Oh well, now it looks like mom and I can shop!

Long Run Saturday?

Yep, 'cause going to work after running 26km holds no appeal. So I'll run today instead of tomorrow.

Guess I'd better get going!

Back later with a recap....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Arrived yesterday and LOVE our digs. A 2 bedroom, 3 bath villa right on the lake. Who could ask for more?

I went for a great run this morning on the Mill Creek Greenway. It's a great path that runs alongside the creek (where the salmon are spawning). There are still leaves on the trees and they are gorgeous--all kinds of colour. I felt great considering I haven't ran since last Sunday and I'm still not 100%. My body felt good during and after, though. The 87% humidity and 5C wasn't quite the weather I'd anticipated, but I managed quite well. Less than 2 months till Hawaii! The pressure is on. And training is not optional. At this point, every single run matters.

Tomorrow we're off to find some WINE. Mission Hill, Cedar Creek, Grey Monk....mmmm....

Oh, and we found the most AMAZING bread E.V.E.R. at Choices: Fig & Anise. Add some good cheddar. And wine. Deeeeelightful!

Off to the local stitch and bitch! This baby blankie will get done!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where did the week go?

Oh right, I was sick for most of it! I've got a full blown sinus infection now and the walk in clinic by my house was not accepting anymore patients yesterday when I stopped after work. So I need to get out of my jammies and head to a clinic for some antibiotics before work.

I had a brief nap (although I don't think I actually slept) after work, I headed out to the Rocky Mountain Food & Wine Festival. I made the same mistake I make every year: I wear girly shoes. They look hot, but after hours walking and standing on cement, I'm ready to amputate! Alas, we had a blast and didn't actually make it through the entire tasting hall! I think we got two thirds of the way around, but before we knew it they were announcing it was over. So we went to a near by (although it didn't seem so near in heels) bar/night club, Vicious Circle.

The bus I used to take to work went by this every day and I had never been inside! It was cool--there was one side that had the dance floor and the other had a pool table and tables where you could sit and talk. And there was some cool art, too.

On the weight loss front, I'm holding steady and I like it.

I'm saving my long run this week for tomorrow. I'll be running along the beach! Yep, I'm leaving on a jet plane. Kelowna, here I come! I'll be back on Friday night and I still haven't decided if my laptop is accompanying me or not. We'll see. But I really should go pack since I work till 10 tonight and my flight leaves bright and early in the morning!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Insert Witty Title Here

Still sick today, but feeling much more human this evening. Could have been the afternoon nap on the couch cuddling with Nerm!

Had a good feed of noodles (Vietnam Fortune on Kensington Road & 14 St NW)to wish Carol well in the marathon on Sunday (carb loading for her, spicy noodle soup pour moi) for dinner and that seems to have done the trick.

What I've learned in the past two days of being sick on the couch:

1. It's the ONLY time I've regretted giving my tv away.

2. Nerm is getting much better at cuddling. She is also a couch hog.

3. My yoga practice changes considerably--no handstands or headstands for me this week! I could barely manage variations of sun salutations this morning. Sitting on my mat and breathing was much more my speed.

4. I did find some great Anusara classes online though!

5. My family (most of 'em anyway) are pretty amazing.

6. I'm really looking forward to next week in Kelowna! My mom and I are taking a reality break/birthday trip/wine tasting/yoga on the beach mini-vacay. We deserve it!

7. Drug induced sleep can either be (a) glorious or (b) weird. Last night was (b). Not so much fun, especially when boss phones 3.5 hours after I've called in sick and wakes me up. Hello, sick! Still sleeping at 0930. Leave me alone!

8. Hot water, lemon and honey from Northern Alberta makes my throat happy. Well, happier.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Sick! Sore throat. Coughing.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday night already?

What happened to Saturday?!

I had an absolutely AMAZING yoga class yesterday morning! This is the pose we were working towards:

Vishvamitrasana (photo from I didn't have my back leg straight and my hammies and shoulders weren't too happy about being that stretched out, but there was marked improvement from in Tuesday night's class!

After class I went for tea with two of my fellow teachers (after a catch up with our teacher in the alley!) and we caught up on the past few months. The time just flew by!

Came home and mom and I went out for the rest of the day to run errands for the old people. Had lunch at a Vietnamese place, went to IKEA, Wal-Mart, Superstore, back to Wal-Mart, dinner at Avocado and then out to my grandparents' to deliver some stuff. Whew!

Twelve hours after leaving my house yesterday morning, I returned! Nerm was a bit peckish, to say the least. =)

Didn't quite get my 23K in this morning--my right shin and knee and left foot started to hurt around 20K so I called mom and she came and picked me up. No sense hurting myself with Honolulu only 2 months away! Oh well, 20.91K is nothing to sneeze at, 'specially since my pace was great and until then, I felt great, too.

Stopped at the farmer's market, Sunterra--they cooked our turkey and ham this year ;-) --Running Room (had to buy a Stick) and the most important: Starbucks! Came home and vegged out on the patio enjoying the lovely summer weather we're finally having. BBQ'd some rib eyes and potatoes and swiss chard for dinner and there may be some pumpkin pie in my future!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Long Turkey Weekend

Saturday: yoga
Sunday: 23K run
Monday: Turkey

And perhaps a trip to the farmer's market in there somewhere, too.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Still Kickin!

Barely, though!

I didn't get much sleep on the weekend what with moving the old people. They are, however, settled in their new digs and ready to begin a new phase in their lives. They've *ahem* We've recreated their house on the farm in their new apartment. Every SINGLE wall has something hanging on it. And the one wall that didn't, well, my mom has instructions to bring a particular piece this weekend when she comes back!

Food was completely off the wall. We didn't eat for hours at a time and then when we did, there was NOTHING healthy about it. I also realized that I don't eat in chain restaurants. My family does. Good thing for booze!

Taught my free yoga class at Lulu last night-31 people crammed into a space better suited for 20! It was good though, and I'm happy with how it went.

Tonight is my yoga class, thank God. I need some serious time on the mat. Even if it's just in child's pose!

I got out for a couple of runs in my cool new shoes, but not for as long as I would have liked. Oh well, a short run is better than no run, right?

This weekend is going to be all about me! Lounging in my jammies, knitting, running, it's all on the list. Sunterra is cooking our turkey dinner this year, too. =)

Gotta run, veggie pita pizza is done!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Old People

Not me. My grandparents. They moved this weekend. My grandma is one of those high maintenance people at the best of times. You can imagine what this weekend has been like.

I'm exhausted. My mom's exhausted. They're exhausted. My aunt and uncle and cousins are exhausted.

I might snap.

Maybe I should just go to bed.

And a run in the morning. =)