Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Turkey Weekend!

The turkey is a-cookin' as is the stuffing in the crockpot. Mmmm.... I am a terrible granddaughter: I am not travelling 2.5 hours to my grandparents' for the turkey dinner with the fam. My immediate family is all in Disneyland and quite honestly, I don't have a whole lot in common with the others with the exception of DNA. I'm not sure if my fave cousin (with whom I share no DNA, but is still my fave) is going--they were in Edmonton earlier in the weekend and were awaiting a guilt trip from my aunt. Besides, I am (a) a better cook, (b) run on Sundays, (c) can control what goes in said food.

What else is new? Well, I joined Curves last week in an effort to tone up a bit and hopefully improve the running. I love the fact that it is on my way home from work so I can work out before stepping foot in the door. Yay!

Nerm and I are just hanging out, studying some histology. I ordered some CE courses when I was trying to get a job at the ME's office and now that I didn't get the job, my motivation for studying has disappeared. However, two exams, multiple choice questions, and a pass mark of 60% means that even without much studying I should be able to rock 'em. Going to S.B.'s tomorrow for that.

Better get moving, somehow it's 1400h already!
H =)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

OMIGOD, how'd it get to be October?

Wow, it seems like only yesterday it was September 1!

Big news: I QUIT MY JOB!! I have been a happy dancing fool since I submitted my resignation on Friday, September 26. I'm officially unemployed this week because they wouldn't let me take my vacation at the end of my notice. They wanted me to come back and work one day after my vacation. WTF?!
"Fine," I said. "Pay out my vacation. I'm done." Their rationale for it is pretty skewed, too.
"What if you hurt yourself on vacation and claim LTD?" they said.
"What if I hurt myself on the day that you want me to come back to work and claim LTD? How is that different?"
I love being smarter than other people, especially when they realize it! Oh, and get this. They told me that I'd have to come back for one day at 1300h on Thursday, the 2nd. Um, did you not read my letter that was quite clear that my last day is Friday, October 3?

So I'm doing schoolwork, knitting Jorja's blankie, hangin' with Nermal and trying to get some running in. My new job starts next Tuesday. I can walk to work, it's still 4 days/'s pretty close. Really, who could ask for more? I haven't had a single regret about quitting, which makes me know that I've made the right decision. I feel great and my friend Alli says I sparkled at work (I never sparkled at work before) as soon as I handed them my resignation. WHOO HOO!

So, here's to ME!