Thursday, November 5, 2009

Early WI

Since I’m going to be in Banff on Saturday, my usual WI day had to be bumped up a day or two! I had planned on going to the meeting downtown this morning, but when I got up at 6, fever and chills set in, along with aches and pains. Sheesh! The flu sucks, people.  So, heavily medicated, I went back to bed for a few hours.


Got up and stood on the scale and WHOO HOO!! I have re-entered the 170’s! Happy dancing all around chez moi aujourd’hui!


Angie All The Way said...

I want to say "yayy!!" but I feel bad cause you're sick!

boooo to that part, but YAYYY for your WI!

Great job woman!

Patsy said...

Congrats on your weigh-in! I was THIN when I weighed 175lbs, so you must look fab!

Hope you have a great time in Banff! I spent a few days in Glacier about 3-and-half years ago at a REALLY creep hotel called 'The Prince of Wales'. Apart from the hotel, Alberta was wonderful! AND I saw my very first black bear there! Still waiting to a see a grizzly... :o)

Anonymous said...

Yup, yah on the WI for sure. Hope your cold goes away quickly so that you can enjoy the time in Banff.

Shirls said...

thats the meeting I use to go to, I miss those girls!