Monday, November 23, 2009


Still here, one more sleep then I'm home. I miss Nerm. I miss S. I miss my fireplace! I'm cold and wet and therefore, cranky. Not good. Oh well, I've had the most fabulous weekend!

I spent some quality time with my yoga teacher and also had three amazing classes with her. I miss her already! She's super supportive and excited about my teacher training, just like I knew she would be, but it's always nice to be validated.

Had a quick visit with K & B and their boys and dogs, Max and Lily.

I've walked what feels like a kazillion kilometers but I haven't turned my Garmin (305 for whoever asked) on. I'll figure it out on Map My Run when I get home.

Made my cousin the most delicious (her words, I'm not just saying that) s'ghetti and meatballs last night. Her exact words were more along the lines of "S. has to marry you--does he know what a good cook you are?!" And no, I did not pay her to say anything of the sort.

More later!

H =)


Carol said...

You are missed here as well. We have things to talk about!

Patsy said...

You know, when I go away, I ring home every day to find out how the cats are! lol Either my mum or Craig's is looking after them!