Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Friday Again...and that's a Good Thing!

Lots going on in my world and I'm busy processing.

Today is my favourite day--Friday morning yoga, tea afterwards (which invariably leads to lunch) & quite possibly drinks with a friend I haven't seen in ages!

And of course, because I could sleep in this morning, I was wide awake at 0530h. Did I mention I went to bed at 0100h? *sigh* Oh well, the sleep I had was restful.

My kitchen looks like a disaster zone and Nermal isn't offering to help tidy it up. I guess that means I'm going to have to. I'll do it tomorrow--it's supposed to be rainy and gross all weekend. Blargh. Good thing I borrowed Season 2 of Numbers from a co-worker! Nothing like veggin' out on the couch all weekend!

Although I'm quite sure that there will be visits to the Farmer's Market(s), coffee, friends and yoga, too.

Happy Friday! Remember: Inhale blessings. Exhale gratitude.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Durga Unveiled

I spent the past weekend in good company. My teacher held a three-day workshop all about Durga.

She's a pretty cool goddess, if you ask me. She rides a lion (the ego), and has many arms (usually 8, but sometimes more. You just never know when an extra arm will come in handy.). In each hand, she carries a weapon that was a gift from the gods. She also carries a conch, which carries the sound of creation, om. She's a warrior (heck, the gods couldn't kill a demon, so they became so enraged that light started emanating from them, and from that light, comes Durga) and never loses her cool. She's also fiercely compassionate. All of the warriors who fought along side her were given the gift of jewellery making.

Our asana practices were pretty kick-asana. There were hip openers (lots of 'em), arm balances (the strength is finally coming in my right side and vasithasana is getting better), backbends (hello, eka pada raja kapotasana I, II, III & IV!), headstand, shoulderstand, heron, sundial, padmasana and yogi dandasana. That's this one:

Mine did not look like that, but it's something to work towards! I'm all bendy and feel every. single. muscle. in. my. body. I LOVE it! Like Nora says, "Well, you know you're alive!"

Other than yoga, I've been getting ready for summer. There's been some cleaning and organizing, preparing my patio (I bought a Campfire in a Can. I can't wait to be warm in the evening!), planting my plants: sweet peas, begonias, and mint. Lots of mint. For lots of mojitos.

Practice, practice, practice. That's my mantra these days and I'm feeling it in my mind, body and spirit. And that's why I do it...

Om shanti shanti shanti