Monday, May 31, 2010


Turtle stickers in the month of May.

Nerm on Saturday, just being a goof.

How often do we forget that it is the simple things in life that make it good, like playing in an empty bag!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quick Weekend Recap

Holy moly, time flies when you're having fun!

Woke up to some seriously gross (SNOW) weather on Saturday morning, which made our drive to Drumheller to see dinosaur bones interesting. Add construction and 4x4-ing in S's sleek, silver sports car and well, let's just say we were happy to arrive at the museum!

Met up with D & her gang to learn about dinosaurs and such. I love museums and probably could have spent a few more hours reading each and every display. Why people take toddlers to a museum where reading is required is completely beyond me, however. Excellent birth control, other people's children!

Headed back to the city and took a scenic route (I'm so much like my father it scares me sometimes--we never went home the way we went!) through Rockyford and Strathmore. Met up with D for dinner at Chianti's for some good carb loading. Stick with what you know was the motto: S had the supremo (it was either that or the Kitsilano--that's all he eats there!) and I had the tortellini Romanoff. sauce.

Dropped D off at her hotel downtown and we headed home to crash on the couch in a food coma. Got sucked in by bad tv...there is a reason I don't own one! By the time we knew it, it was midnight. Yikes!

I got up bright and early to head down to the turn around point of the half marathon. D was in town to run the half, C was running the full and my former co-workers, C, C & A were all running the half. I figured it was the best vantage point to see them all. And I did!! Got to see A & C (co-workers) first as they rounded the 13K mark of their very first half. They finished in a speedy 2:15! Next came C wearing the red full marathon bib. After a quick hug and high five, I sent her on her way to tackle Shag. Next came my speed-walkin' co-worker, C (we did the first 60K weekend to end breast cancer together). She was rockin' it too! D was there shortly after and I ran alongside for about a kilometre or so. The lead marathoner passed us looking like he'd barely broken a sweat. I yearn for speed like that!

I headed to the Lazy Loaf and Kettle for sustenance. A couple of croissants and a london fog (icky--it didn't even make it all the way home) later, I resumed my position on the couch. Called C to let her know I'd be at the bottom of Shag on the way back if she gave me the head's up in time. And she did! The phone rang around 11:20 and so S & I headed out (where the hell did that wind come from, though?! Wowsers, it was freezing! Did I mention I was glad I wasn't running?!). She came through looking strong so while she and K (her running partner) had a water/walk break we chatted and talked strategy. My parting words: LEFT, RIGHT, REPEAT! And she obviously did--go check out her race recap here.

What fabulous incentive to do my freaking painful physio exercises so that I can kick Diamond Head's ass in Honolulu in December!!

S & I headed out for lunch afterwards, a quick 3K walk along the river in the brief moment of sunshine, then resumed our positions on his comfy couch. We made a yummy healthy dinner: bbq'd salmon with lemon & dill, rice, and stir fried veggies with a spicy ginger sauce.


And now it's over. Hope that D & her family made it home safe and sound. Oh, and before I forget, D's oldest son kicked some serious ass in the 10K today! He's a speed demon, that one!

If you're still reading, kudos to you. I'm knackered and going to bed. The alarm's going to go off way too early in the morning!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


It's snowing in Calgary right now. Well, maybe the snow has stopped and it's just rain. Either way, the lilacs are not happy. Lilacs are my very, very, very favourite flower (in case anybody reading this wants to know, or wants to drop a hint in someone's ear). Their season is short lived. This snow is NOT helping (they were just about ready to pop open!)!

And yes, I KNOW we need the moisture. Hello? Farm girl, here. Tell the old biddy that runs my community garden that there is a very valid reason I don't plant my garden on Mother's Day weekend like she wants me to! to enjoy some dinosaur history in Drumheller! Hope it's sunny and dry where you are!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Finding balance

We've talked about it in just about every yoga class I've ever been to, and definitely in each and every one of my teacher training classes. Whether it's finding the sweet spot in a pose, or trying to find balance in our lives, we are always searching and striving to find that ever elusive balance. Heck, Jaime even named her blog after it!

I've found it in headstand. New favourite pose, by the way.

I've sort of found it by choosing to work part time instead of full time.

But I've lost my groove without my handy 3-month WW journal. So I dug it out today. And I have dutifully recorded it all. The bag of cheezies (and chips). The Hershey's kisses that someone left in the office at work. But I also recorded all the healthy, nutritious food. And the four flights of stairs (twice, thank you very much).

This weekend shall not be one of "oh, D's in town and you only live once, right?". Instead, it will involve activity of some sort each day and healthy food choices. It's all about balance. Balancing friendships, travel and healthy living. I want it all!

And nobody said that a Strongbow or Rock Creek Cranberry or a fabulous, homemade mojito can't be part of that!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Four Fifty!!

Posts, that is! Whoo hoo! How am I celebrating this momentous occasion?

1. Sitting by the fire. Yes, that's right. It's a cold, dreary, rainy day here in Calgary and my feet are freezing.

2. Finishing up my last assignments for Yoga Teacher Training. It's gone by so fast, and I can't believe it!

3. Feeling super skinny! You know how some days you just feel skinny? Well, I found a yoga tank I haven't worn in awhile and got some cute yoga capris from Costco and I'm feeling little today. You can't beat that, no matter what the damned scale says!

4. Working. It's the one downside. I'd rather be knitting by the fire, but somebody has to go to work to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. Nerm refuses to, so that leaves me.

5. D. & her family are coming to spend the weekend in my fabulous city tomorrow! I hope Mother Nature finds her meds soon, though, 'cause this is not how I want my friends to remember their time here.

6. I can't think of another reason. But I do need to hit the shower, so I'd better get off my cute li'l yoga butt and get this day going!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some day off

This is going to be! Work till 10, then up at 0530h to be ready and at Budget for 0700h when they open. I've got a doctor appointment at 0940h...2 hours away. *sigh* It's a good thing I love my doctor!

Anyhoo....that's my day in a nutshell...driving, doctor, more driving. Then yoga.

And I have to go rescue the cushions from the patio, because apparently the rain is supposed to start tonight. But at least the weekend forecast looks better!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday's Numbers

I was too lazy to find my Garmin and write down the deets yesterday, so here they are:

276 cal

I loved the hills, but I'm not so sure that S. did! Well, he actually made it pretty clear that he didn't like the hills, but they do make you work harder!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Holiday Monday

Thank you, Queen Victoria, for granting me a day off! You have no idea how much I needed it!

After work, I snagged C. and we went to Original Joe's for food and beer. Came home and literally crashed. As in slept till 0948h. I couldn't figure out why Nerm kept biting my arm and I could hear Anna Maria Tremonti. Then I saw the clock. Holy shit! I don't sleep in. EVER.

I finally finished my yoga paper, complete with yoga-history-family-tree-colored with pencil crayons. Two class evaluations, two classes and I'm DONE. Holy moly, Batman!

S. finally showed up and I showed him that it was not "too cold to sweat". I took him on a sort of hilly route. I believe my words as we left my apartment were along the lines of, "Try and keep up." He did pretty good, 'cept on the hills. ;-)

I made smoothies (little does he know he had tofu) with coconut tofu dessert, fresh pineapple and strawberries. Whirl in a magic bullet and consume on patio. Holy Yum.

We got some movies and I packed dinner up and we headed to his house. I don't have a tv, remember. We saw The Men Who Stare at Goats (loved it) and Did you hear about the Morgans? I love Hugh Grant! It was cute, but I'm glad I waited till it hit dvd to see it. We BBQ'd a pork tenderloin that had been marinating in Greek seasonings, EVOO and lemon juice. And probably garlic. I don't remember (I marinated it before I threw it in the freezer). Quinoa Greek Salad on green leaf lettuce to finish it off. And then we walked to Lazy Loaf & kettle for dessert (cupcake pour moi and fruit flan for him). Oh, I also picked up some cranberry rock creek cider. Not bad, not bad.

We also played Jeopardy and The Price is Right on playstation. He won Jeopardy, I won The Price is Right.

So glad I can sleep in again tomorrow. I work at two, so I'm taking it easy! Hope your long weekend was good to you!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Speedy vibes are going out to Mouse and my friend M. today! Mouse is running the Bluenose Half and M. is running the Woody's Half--the one I was also supposed to be running. Damn IT Band! With them in mind, I headed out for a walk/run. I was just going to walk, but there were a few times I just had to run!! All in all, it was great! It's kind of cool, which is perfect. The sky is blue and the sun is trying to shine.

393 cal

I added a few hills today, just 'cause. Came home and found headstand for a bit. Got it on the third try today! It's true, practice does make perfect.

Here's hoping work today is better than yesterday. Next week it's evenings all week ('cept Wednesday, but I've got a flying trip home for a doctor's appointment and then yoga). Friday night D. and her family arrive!

S. and I went to see Date Night last night. OMIGOD, I almost peed my pants, I was laughing so hard! It was a good way to end a crappy day, that's for sure.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Salamba Sirsasana

I did it again! And this time I didn't hurt my back (I tried at home after doing it in class and was immobile for a day or two). I signed up for an 8 week session of classes with my teacher, Nora, from my teacher training. The first class was last night and it rocked!

I just gave myself a mini-mani and now I'm going to go sit outside in the sun for awhile before I head to work. =)

Happy May Long Weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring has Sprung!


Just got back from a great li'l run: 6.1K, 50:02, 482 calories. I'm currently running through the Boothroyd First Nation. Hells Gate is about 30K away...

Not bad and my knee and IT band are happy so far!

The rest of my day entails finishing my yoga paper, writing two class evaluations, attending a yoga class (first one of the session, should be fun!) and maybe going for a walk tonight if it's nice after yoga. I work evenings tomorrow, so I can have a relatively late night.

And that's all I know for now. =)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fly-by posting

No time for much more. I'm still trying to figure out tomorrow's yoga class (the LAST one I'll teach before I'm official!!). I'll keep you posted.

I've been making *relatively* healthy choices of late. Today was Veggie Tuesday!! No meat at all. Here's what it looked like:

0530h: two small homemade pancakes with almond butter & grape jelly (also homemade), chai with 1% moo

0830h: grande, non-fat, no foam, no water Tazo chai; quinoa cooked in almond milk & dried fruit (raisins, apricots, dates and prunes)

1230h: My version of Safeway's veggin' out sammie (look under the deli tab, then sandwiches); puffed wheat squares; cottage cheese with raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and fresh pineapple

1530h: grapes

1700h: spicy almond veggie stir fry (from Vive le Vegan, by Dreena Burton)

2100h: another pancake with peanut butter this time & grape jelly; chai (apres yoga snack)

Gotta sleep! The alarm goes off at 0430h tomorrow so I can be at work by 6!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 4

There is a reason these things are called intensives! They're INTENSE!!

Breathe and all will be revealed...Love and all will be healed.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 2 of 4

Yoga Intensive #2, day 2! I teach another class this afternoon. This one's going be great--moon salutations to cool and calm and then a series of hip openers, followed by a delicious savasana, bathed in the light of the moon (I love yoga--I can say all these 'cheesy' things and it's totally ok!).

Yesterday was intense, too. Four hours of actual asana practice, spread throughout the day, and then lots of theory and philosophy, just to round things out. To add to it, I went to my friend, J's prana restore class to meet with my sisterhood of traveling mats and rejuvenate from my intense day.

Alas, I'd best get going so I'm not late. But seriously, did NONE of you appreciate my victory (so far) over the squirrels?! Not a single comment!!

Happy Friday wherever you are.

Oh, yesterday rocked for two other reasons:
1. I did headstand all by myself!! Ok, there was the wall, but no spotter required!

2. I was also assisted into wheel. It was one of the most intense, amazing experiences I've ever had. Best part, no crying (like I usually do in intense backbends, which is why I avoid them)!

H =)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

H-Woman 1, Squirrels 0

Chicken wire & bungee cords, blood meal and bamboo skewers will make those bastards rue the day they dug in my planters! As the plants grow, I can snip the wire to make room for them. I think as long as they can't feel the dirt with their vermin paws, I'll be squirrel free!


Weekend in photos

The gorgeous Banff Springs Hotel (I love me a castle!):

Bow Falls:

All dressed up for the Rocky Mountain Food & Wine Festival:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Still Alive!

Just got back from a lovely weekend in Banff and dinner out with my mom at the Taj. More deets and photos to follow...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Friday!

No, it's not, but it is to me! At 1500h today, I begin five, yes FIVE, glorious days off!

And now I must brave the SNOW (ugh) and trudge to work to pay for said glorious days off. =)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hot & Sweaty

And lovin' it! Just got in from a great li'l run around my park.
Mr. Garmin, what say you?
327 cal

My IT band/knee feel pretty good, all things considered. I think the physio is helping, but my foam roller is my new best friend. I have a sneaking suspicion that some needles may find their way into my dear IT band on Friday morning, though. She wanted me to loosen it up with the roller before she tried.

And forgetting my inhaler wasn't the smartest thing I've done this week. Live and learn.

The rest of the day:
-plan at least 2 of my 4 yoga classes
-make this yummy looking soup
-practice 1 class with L before yoga tonight
-yoga (5:30-9:30)
-call a friend I've lost touch with--Left a message
-call my friend, K, and see if there's a baby yet!--No answer...could mean baby!
-register for ATB 2011--DONE
-see if Honolulu registration is open yet--Sent 'em an email--JUNE

Have a good one!