Tuesday, August 18, 2015


The operation continues.

Last night there was 11km in Glenbow provincial park. Big ass hill at beginning was a fun ride down. It was a but of a bitch coming back up after 10km and a storm breathing down our necks! But I made it all the way up without walking. I stopped, but I rode the whole thing.

Tonight I rode Nose Hill park. Just about 14km on tired legs in the heat was hard. I did walk a few bits. But it felt great to be out and catching up with my friend.

Getting psyched to hit Fernie again this weekend for an all girls camp! I'm sure my ass is going to get handed to me by a mountain or two, it's going to be fun!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015


How is it August 9 already?!

I'm on day six of the 21 day fix. I knew I was eating well, and this just shows how skewed my portions were. Have I been perfect for the past six days? Nope. But better than before and that's all that matters. 

The workouts are great in terms of they are only 30 minutes and they make you sweat! I'm pretty sore afterwards too.  And I've been doing the modified/no weights version. I'm interested to see the scale/measurement changes after 21 days (I'm not checking until then). 

The Shakeology is...meh. I got the vanilla and it ranks up there with some of the worst protein powders I've ever tasted. I did manage to create a palatable iced chai version so that I still get my morning caffeine but not the milk and sugar. Vegan tropical strawberry is my favourite so far though. 

Over and out. I need to shower and head home. Laundry and meal prep awaits!