Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Favourite Season is Here!

Ski season, that is.

I've made it out to two opening days so far: Mount Norquay on October 25 and Sunshine Villiage on this past Friday. I made it to Nakiska on the Sunday of their opening weekend to get a few good turns in.

We went hiking yesterday at Barrier Lake. Holy moly, Batman, my cardio sucks balls! My goal this week is to get in some cardio training. Aquasize and then some time on the elliptical, I think. And maybe hit the stairs at work a little more often.

And that's what I know. I work this afternoon (the double time will help finance the season) and then I'm heading out tomorrow for another fabulous day on the slopes!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hello, Saturday!

Am I ever glad to see you!

The past two weeks at work have been crazy. I've banked a week of overtime (thanks to an extra shift and having to stay late one night that turned into ALL night) and I'm exhausted.

But, I did have some Halloween fun:

I also had two completely unexpected lunch dates! I ran into my friend A in the mall on Tuesday and we got to have a quick lunch and catch up before she headed to her appointment and I went to work. Then yesterday, I was puttering around the house and got a "hey, do you have time for lunch before work?" text. Um, hell yeah!

Things here in my world are pretty good.

I've got a house. I've got a car (well, two at the moment: my mom's and car2go!).
I've got a friend who loves me.
I've got a good mother.
~Jann Arden

I've also got a yoga mat and a kitty to snuggle with.

Now, if only the god damned construction downstairs was over and they'd clean up their effing mess!