Friday, November 13, 2009

Don't drink the water!

Apparently there's a bit of a pregnancy bug going around my group of friends and I don't wanna catch it!

L & G just got their little bundle of joy.
K & S are due in April.
A & P are due in July. (A & K are sisters, so that's 'specially cool)

This means I have THREE baby blankets to knit! I'm half way done one I started for baby J, but then her mom stopped talking to me and moved to Saskatchewan, so I guess baby Isabella can have it! I'm a good knitter, just really slow. And Nerm likes to play with the yarn. I convinced her last night that her mouse was more fun to play with. I don't know how long that'll work.

I'll try and post a pic later, 'cause it is a gorgeous blanket!!

Tonight is the Justin Rutledge and Melissa McClelland concert. Can't wait! I love good Canadian music!


Angie All The Way said...

I handmade knitted blanket is the like the best baby gift ever! It's so special! You are a great friend ;-)

Shirls said...

I wish I could follow a pattern, I can knit, pearl, I just can't read and follow a pattern without an interupter! LOL having the kitties always makes any "string" work hard at my house..LOL its nice to hear I'm not alone!