Sunday, November 8, 2009

Love my tub!

I may have mentioned it here before, but I LOVE my tub! It's an old school, claw foot tub that is heavenly to soak in.

Add some of this:

And H-woman is a happy, relaxed, healthy camper! Rocky Mountain Soap Company is based in Canmore and makes the most amazing products. And they have an online store--check it out!

I've gotta kick this cough so I can get running--I've got itchy feet and watching all those people run in Winterstart last night without me was painful! Next year for sure, S & I will be there, running with glo-sticks and 998 of our closest friends!


Patsy said...

OMG I'm SO jealous! I love baths and my partner, in a moment of male insanity, ripped out the one we have here and replaced it with a massive shower. What on earth was he thinking? You can't soak in the shower with a good book!

Being a 'larger' (6 foot tall!) lady, baths have always been an issue for me - either my top half is cold and my legs are under the water, or my shoulders and torso and under the water and my legs are hanging over the sides! lol However, on a recent trip to Seattle, I stayed at the Edgewater hotel and they have roll-top baths in their impressive en suite bathrooms... I think the two days I stayed there (all I could afford - it's pretty pricey!) I spent at least 4 hours in the bath! lol

If you like yummy bath treats and scrummy soaps try

I'll stop blathering now - I've written more in my comment than you did in your blog post!

Shirls said...

I really like their breakout buster stick, smelly sure, but it works!

another Canmore fave? - Grizzly Paw, I'm not a pop fan but its the place for homebrewed pop, 1/2 the calories way more taste.