Saturday, July 26, 2008

The fridge saga continues...

My fridge was successfully fixed on Wednesday! Turns out the socket that the light bulb fits into needed to be adjusted so that the bulb could make contact to complete the circuit and the timer needed to be replaced (it would get stuck in defrost mode, which is why the fridge was warm inside). But the saga continues . Here is the latest email exchange:

Sent by me:

"I received the voice mail you left Wednesday, July 23, 2008 at 1838h MST where you informed me that you would be back in Calgary in "the next couple of weeks," that we can "probably deal with the payment then," and that you will contact me when you are back in Calgary.

I understand this to mean you will be covering the entire cost of the repairs. Is that correct? The bill for the repair (including replacement timer, labor and service call) was $216.30 and the replacement light bulb was $2.09 for a total cost of $218.39 (see attached).

Also, please clarify which dates that you will be in Calgary and would like to meet--it is a very busy time of year when I am often not home.

Regardless of when and how this particular issue is handled, the Landlord & Tenant's Act requires that you provide me with contact information, including a physical location in Alberta (s.18(1), (4)). A telephone number where I can at least leave a message would also be appreciated.

If I have misunderstood any of the above, please clarify in writing by Tuesday, July 29, 2008."

To which she replies:

"Thank you for your email. You do understand correctly that I will be covering the entire bill, nothing else was ever discussed. I'm very pleased you had the fridge fixed on your own, although I was somewhat surprised that you had turned my repair guy away and asked him to leave. I understand he was about 40 min late but you should have let him in to asses the situation as I had requested. I do understand you are a very busy person, but there are situations that are not always perfect, so having some flexibility is sometimes necessary.

Unfortunately, I do not know the exact date I will be back in Calgary as my husband and I do have many details to work out prior to our return, but I will provide you with sufficient notice so you can fit our meeting into your busy schedule.
My address in Calgary that you may send any correspondence to is XXX Everbrook Way [notice there's no quadrant of the city included in the address], T2Y 0A6. My telephone number is

On a side note, I am not sure why you have decided to change the way you communicate with me by quoting the tenancy act and quoting everything I say. In the time we have known each other have I ever mistreated, misguided, misinformed or mislead you? I believe I have been 100% honest with you and have rectified every matter in a timely and professional matter and have never broken the tenancy act, would you agree? I am very familiar with the tenancy act as I do have my own current copy and my husband and I do have other properties we rent and do work with management companies so we are very much involved in the legal process. If you feel you must continue to correspond in this way, that is your right, but I feel it is not necessary as I have always felt our relationship has been based on honesty and integrity."

Wowsers! To which I replied:

"I’m sorry if you were offended by my e-mail, but for reasons unrelated to our contract, I fully document business related phone calls. This ensures that both of us completely understand each other and offers an opportunity to clarify details or refute them if necessary. It protects my interests (as well as yours) and ensures that we are both aware of each other’s expectations and responsibilities. The language is clear and concise to avoid misunderstandings and if you were offended, again I apologize, but this is the way that I handle all of my personal business. Since we have a business relationship, this is the way that I will document telephone conversations with you—it’s not personal.

Laslo buzzed my front door at 1852h MST on Tuesday, July 22 (the door rings to my cell phone which captured this time), which is more than 40 minutes late as you indicate in your email. I had by that time already tried to contact you at the number you told me that you would be available at and left you a message informing you that I was going to call an outside repair service. At that time, I also sent you an email stating the same. I had not received any communication from Laslo indicating that he was running behind schedule, nor did I have any way of contacting him. I contacted Murphy Appliance and arranged for a service call on Wednesday after the technician had ascertained what the likely problems were. When Laslo arrived, he told me that he was late because he went to another property that you own because you had not given him my address. I told him that he was late, I had already made other arrangements (I still had not heard from you) and I had another engagement that evening. I had already cancelled plans to attend my faculty reception (that is held once a year) to accommodate him at 1800h, and I was unwilling to change yet another set of plans. I did not hear from you until 1245h on Wednesday, July 23, which is more than 18 hours after I called to tell you that I was making other arrangements.

Thank you for providing me with your contact information—neither of which I have ever had before (the phone numbers I have for you are 403-xxx-9026 and 403-xxx-1555). [Notice neither number is the one she gave me....hmmmm...perhaps part of the problem?]

My VISA bill is due on August 8 and since you are not certain when you will return to Calgary, could you please put a cheque in the mail for me."

I decided not to answer her question regarding her never breaking the act and not acting professionally, because I can think of at least 5 occasions where she has! As Cowgirl Warrior advised, she's obviously taken this personally, so try and soothe her ruffled feathers without stooping to a personal attack. Good side note though, she called just as the guy was processing my VISA. When I hung up, shaking my head and muttering about landlords, he told me, "When a landlord calls me, I don't take the job. They've inevitably tried to fix it themselves, made a mess of it and then don't want to have to pay what it costs to fix it properly." Which totally made me feel better!

Alas, now I am trying to breathe deeply and just be. I bailed on Folk Fest last night to go to bed early (I made it by 11, which is 2 hours earlier than every night this week) but I've been up since 4:30. I'm going to clean my kitchen, go through the fridge to make sure I've ditched everything that went bad, throw in some laundry, get groceries, have a nap and THEN get to the park for the party!

Sorry for the long, ramble. Thanks for listening! Have a great weekend.
H-woman =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why am I surprised?

By my landlord's continued stupidity? I shouldn't be!

So my fridge quit sometime between Sunday night and Monday evening. I thought it was just a light bulb, but replacing that didn't work. So I do all this troubleshooting (which I think most people wouldn't even do), tried to call landlord and receive the following message: "The customer you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please try again later." So I send an email, outlining what's happened and what I've done.

Long story short, she arranges to have some dude, Laslo, come at 6 last night. He didn't show! I tried to call (like we had agreed I would do when Laslo was done) and SHE WASN'T THERE! So I leave a message and then send her the following email:

"Hello XXX,

It is currently 1826h MST. I have just phoned you at 604-XXX-XXXX [she's in BC, I'm in AB] and left a message informing you that Laslo has not yet arrived and that I am calling an appliance repair service to assess the refrigerator.

This is the second time one of your agents has not been on time. I lost 2 hours of work time today between waiting for your call this morning and leaving early to ensure I was here by 1800h. I also canceled evening plans.

Please provide me with a mailing address so that I may forward the bill to you."

So far, she tried to call me at 8:20 last night (I was out listening to my friend play at a local tea house) but didn't leave a message. She also hasn't responded to my email.

Oh yeah, Laslo eventually showed at 6:55. Apparently she didn't tell him WHICH house (she apparently has more than one) to go to. Sorry, I've already called a professional repairman who will be here between 10 & 12 this morning and I'm on my way out the door. Funny, the first thing my guy asked was where I lived....maybe that's because he's a PROFESSIONAL!

Rant over.
Happy Wednesday!

Postie School

Soooo....after much thought and number crunching, I decided NOT to attend Postie School. I thought it would be silly to take a $17/hour pay cut to not even have guaranteed hours. It sucks, but my new mantra at work is "Ohm, pension and benefits, pension and benefits." Still waiting for the ME's office...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


OK, now I've got a conundrum. Canada Post just called. Postie school starts Aug. 11. I'm not scheduled to have a meeting regarding my current role in the LIS project until July 29. What's a girl to do? I also just found out that our contract is likely to be renewed with a $2500 retention bonus. F*@$!


Oh, and I still haven't heard from the Medical Examiner's office, either.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Easy come, easy go

That's what it's like with holidays. Here one minute and almost gone the next. Egad! Where has my week gone?

July 4--D arrives from T-O and Mom & nephew and I meet up in Eau Claire for yummy dinner

July 5--D, Mom, Nephew, S & I all head to Heart Creek for a little mountain stroll, followed by picnic in Canmore. Picked up race package and start to freak out just a teensy bit. Why is it that a half marathon sounds like such a great idea...until the day before?

July 6--Up at 5 and out of the house by 6 to pick up C en route to start line. C and I have to stop at the Macs on Crack corner (anyone in Calgary knows exactly where that is) for Advil. Race starts and D, C and I are all in line for a port-o-pottie. New race strategy: wait for 8 minutes after the gun to start--there's no fighting with a crowd of 2000 people to claim your bit of road. D & I set off at a fabulous, quick pace but soon realized I could not maintain it for 21.1K. I did however, introduce her to the fine art of 10 & 1's (or as I do, run 1K, walk 1 min). Recovery is such sweet relief. D is the BEST pace bunny ever and we finished in my fastest time EVER: 2:38:56, a FULL 2 minutes better than Fun-couver in May. Went to cousins, S & L, for weenie roast and Stampede fireworks that night. Mmmm...s'mores.

July 7--Massage. Need I say more?

July 8--Space & Science centre and Calgary Tower with mom and nephew

July 9--Haircut (well, just a colour touch up), lunch (Thai) with Cath, then meeting with J re: yoga retreat. Couldv'e been better, could've been worse, but in the end, no retreat. Dinner with neighbour (sushi is so yummy!).

July 10--slept in, read trashy novel in bed with Kitty till noon, now enjoying chai and cottage cheese pancakes (1/3 c cottage cheese, 1 egg, 3 TB flour, 1 tsp baking powder) with jam. I'm going to my yarn store to finish off the baby blanket I made so that I don't feel guilty working on a new project!

And that, my friends, sums up the last week. Carpe diem!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday ramblings

So, my landlord assures me that her sister will be here at 6pm tonight. I am not holding my breath, people.

I took (and passed) my driver's test with Canada Post this morning! Now I continue to wait for the call to attend postie school.

I'm getting better at giving Kitty her antacid (sub-cutaneously, squirting it in her mouth did NOT go over well!).

Must create inventory of possessions for tenant's insurance to make sure I'm adequately covered.

Must tidy house, including laundry.

OMIGOD, I cannot believe the half is in FOUR days! Where did the time go? Hmmm....maybe I should brave the rain out there and try and squeeze in a run.

H-woman =)