Monday, January 4, 2010

When one door closes...

...another one opens. While sad that my yoga teacher training didn't work out, I know that it's either one of two things: I'm not ready yet or it's not the right training for me.

So, how'd I do in 2009? Let's see:
1. A return to my goal weight! NOPE. But I have lost 10 pounds since the end of August, so I'll take it.

2. I will run Vancouver, the Underwear Affair and Melissa's again. Maybe Okanogan too...Check. Check. Check. Didn't make Kelowna.

3. I'll continue to embrace the clean eating and 100 mile diet lifestyles. You betchya! Processed food rarely makes it into my house and the Farmer's Market is my favourite weekend outing.

4. I will continue my education, whether it be my masters (still not sure what to do about that...opinions/advice welcomed) or take French through the Alliance Francaise. Hmmmm...dropped out of master's...and French....stoopid boys!

5. Travel...not sure where, not sure when. I've got 365 days to decide. YEP! Fun-couver in May AND November, Jasper in December. Who said you have to leave your province or country to travel?

6. Yoga...daily (or as close to it as possible) and my yoga retreat in May. I'm going to give myself this one (even though the number of turtle stickers on the calendar (a la Shirls) is woefully small, there's a reason it's called practice! Couldn't get time off in May for the retreat, but I made my own in November when I went to see Kate.

7. I will also spend more time in the mountains. Skiing (downhill and x-country) this winter and hiking in the summer. Done. Didn't get skiing till New Year's Eve, but it still counts! And Carol, S. & I hit the trails more than once, plus there was a biking trip, too.

Five outta seven ain't bad, right? up (after figuring out why the 'e' and 'n' keys keep sticking) is to set my goals for 2010.

Stay tuned!