Saturday, January 30, 2010

Super Saturday!

I was up bright and early this morning (after working till 10 and then staying up till 1130 putting in the Tupperware order). My scale showed me up 0.2 pounds which makes sense considering the lack of exercise this week and the various cakes that found their way into my mouth. Quite a surprise then, when the WW scale showed me down a full pound! WTF?! Either way, I'm about the same as I was last week.

Grabbed a quick chai and breakfast sammie at S'bucks and waited for Jackie to swing by. We were originally going to head out to Canmore for some x-country skiing, but decided to try West Bragg Creek instead. After getting me geared up at the general store (cheap, but definitely well loved gear) we headed out. Our day started out really well as we ventured into the quiet forest. We both took a spill early on but attributed that to getting our ski legs. But we forgot lesson #1 in the mountains: what goes up, must come down! HOLY. MOTHER. OF. GOD! I believe I wiped out three times trying to go down the freaking hills. My boots didn't fit nearly as well as I thought they did: whenever I tried to snowplow, my ankles just rolled over. I eventually just popped off the skis and walked! No major injuries, although I think I've sprained my left thumb and I'm sure there's a huge bruise brewing on my left hip as I type. Oh, and then there was the fall at the end of the day when I was standing still. Not sure how to explain that one, but there was lots of laughing!

We skied 5.81K in 1:48:16 and my Garmin says I only burned 320-something calories. Obviously, Garmin is on crack and does not realize how hard I was working!

Came home, napped with Nerm for a few hours and then went out to get some fruits and veg. Faye posted a great sounding fruit salad recipe this morning and I wanted to try it out. Sorry, batteries are dead in the camera, so no photos tonight. I'll try and remember to get more batteries tomorrow.

Dinner was Ceasar salad (Epicure dressing) and s'getti and meatballs (made with Epicure Polpette spice). The pasta sauce was Epicure Rustico but I tweaked it a bit. The original calls for just tomatoes (diced and crushed) and spices. I sauteed an onion, garlic, some celery, red pepper, zuke and 'shrooms THEN added the spices and tomatoes. Oh, and there may have been some red wine in there, too. And also in the cook! All in all, two thumbs up for dinner tonight.

I'm going to tidy the kitchen (what has Nerm done with the cleaning fairy?!) and then try and knit. Some gentle yoga and a bath, then I'm up and at'em first thing in the morning. Training schedule calls for 19K, but Environment Canada is saying light snow and -9C. I'd really like to have a long run with no snow!! Oh well, I DO live in Canada, so I shouldn't be surprised to have snow in January.


Natalie said...

Skiing scares me. Unless it's cross country. I'm a prairie girl. I like my earth flat.

Glad you had a good Saturday though!

Fatinah said...

well, I'm going to congratulate you on your pound down with WW - cause that is the scale that gets you to free meetings!

H-woman said...

Natalie--it WAS x-country!

H =)