Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just when you think...

you have it all figured out!

Apparently I'm not the only one who was unable to attend training due to the ridiculous location. It's now been rescheduled for Feb 8 - June 2 and the location is much better! So now I go back to work and see if we can make the schedule work.

It also means that my first full marathon can't be Windemere--there's an intensive that weekend (Thursday - Sunday). I could do the Calgary full and save money (no traveling involved) though....or maybe Woody's in Red Deer--much prettier course and I could bunk at my mom's or cousin's (my 92 year old fabulous second cousin, Clara, who is much more like my grandma than my own grandmother, but that's another story)...and Woody's is cheaper! =P

*le sigh* So glad that I didn't go sign up for French classes yesterday like I almost did!

Onto other things, food was successfully recorded in 3 month journal, even the calamari that I indulged in for dinner. Going to do some yoga (my ass is feeling the squats from yesterday!) and maybe knit for a bit before bed. Did I tell you that I will have this baby blanket done by January 31? I don't remember. But I will.

I've also trimmed the blogs that I follow...and I will endeavour to comment on those that I do follow more often. I know how much I love comments! And wowsers, when did I get 30 followers?!

I was walking by Blame Betty this afternoon (it's on the way home from my hairdressers) and realized that I like that funky retro look they have in their window. With the hair done in rollers and the retro cat eye glasses that I adore, I think I pull the look off pretty well...but maybe that's just me!

Sorry for the random, jumbled thoughts....oh wait, that's what it's like talking to me IRL!



Fatinah said...

I'm glad it looks like your training will be back on!

I also have to tell you that you have inspired me - I'm going to look at French classes in the next session - this session conflicts with Zumba!

Nicole v said...

... you do pull that look off very well. It's "you"! ;-)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Oh yay! I'm so glad that yoga training is working out for you now, once you are all certified I will come to Calgary and take a class from you.

PS: I know this is SO far away but I will be in Calgary on April 17-19 since we leave for Europe from there on the 19! We should get together. I will email you closer to the date :) XO

Jhony said...

Thank You for sharing information

Natalie said...

Glad you can take your training! Awesome!

Patsy said...

Glad the training has been revised and postponed. Isn't it weird how things seem to work themselves out? :o)