Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NSV's out the wazoo!

#1. I wore jeans yesterday that are size 11. I've been wearing 13's for over a year.

I knew based on how my scrubs fit that they should be getting close to fitting, but I hadn't tried 'em on sans Spanx in AGES. Yesterday I thought, "Hmpf. They should be close to getting over the thighs again."

And you know what? They were! WITHOUT Spanx help!
Whoo hoo!

#2. I took my measurements today.

I took them last on November 16. Since then, I have been running and practicing yoga. I usually add a few strength moves at the end of at least one run per week and I try and do pushups and some ab work each day, too. I know that I can sustain running and yoga for the rest of my life. I need both, not just for my physical health, but for my emotional well-being, too. I'm feelin' goooood....

*drum roll, please*

Right upper arm: -1/4"
Waist (measured at belly button): -1 3/8"
Hips: -1/2"
Right thigh: -1"
Bust: -1"
Total: -4 1/8"

#3. Tried two new recipes today!
Cream of mushroom soup (Chef at Home) and Braised Elk shanks. My house smells sooooooo good! Recipe reviews to follow.

#4. I have run over 200km since October! Yesterday and today's runs put me at the west side of the Fraser River bridge.


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

WAY TO GO, woman! You are ammaaazzzinnngggg!!!!! XO

(Also, don't know if you want it, but if you do, my password for today's post is: fiveyears)

Have a fabulous night, you seriously rock. Nothing feels better then fitting into a smaller size :)

Natalie said...

NSVs a plenty! Congrats!

Fatinah said...

OhMyGod - you're on fire!!!

Nicole v said...

Awesome!!! All that hard work pays off!! You're lookin great!!

Patsy said...

Congratulations! :o)