Monday, January 4, 2010

Top Ten for 2010

Blatantly stealing (I mean borrowing) this idea from Patsy!

1. Return to my goal weight. How: I will journal here and in my WW 3 month journal. I am notoriously bad at writing in journals--my last entry in my WW journal prior to today was Dec. 20. BUT, I've been pretty good about blogging. So between the two of them, journalling shall be conquered! Also, I like what Faye (my fearless WW leader) says: I can only commit to journalling today. One day at a time. I like it.

2. I will run:
Around the Bay on March 28,
Windemere Marathon (all 26.2 miles) on May 12,
the Underwear Affair on June 5,
Melissa's (September 25) and
the Honolulu Marathon (December 12) again.
I have already started the Marathoning for Mortals training program. Slow and steady will win the race!
And by win, I mean upright, smiling and uninjured.

3. I'll continue to embrace the clean eating and 100 mile diet lifestyles. Make my own meals. Buy local. Grow what I can. Less processed food. More veggies. Less meat.

4. I will continue my education. I'm going to look at French classes again. And I'm still on the lookout for a yoga teacher training program!

5. Travel. Hamilton/Ancaster/Toronto in March. Spokane in May. Hawaii in December, maybe Jasper too! If S's brother ever sets a date for his wedding (not holding my breath since engagement was announced in May, there was no ring when they were here in August and here it is January and STILL no date), there may also be a trip to Japan in my future. God knows, somebody's gotta hold S's hand on the plane! =P

6. Yoga...daily. I need more turtle stickers. And the sanity that comes from having a daily practice.

7. I will also spend more time in the mountains. Skiing (downhill and x-country) this winter and hiking in the summer. I want to ski at least once a month while there's snow. And hiking every chance I get in the summer!

8. 10 pushups & 30 crunches before bed. Another blatant steal (thanks, Abbey!). At least. Of course, I'll be cross training at least once a week (two on a good week) so this should be the bare minimum.

9. I will host a Sunday dinner at least once every two months. I got a great cookbook from Santa (Chef at Home) and I want to try it out! But alas, I cannot cook for just one, so I need a crowd. That's six dinners in a year. Totally doable. Friends + family + (good) food = Happy happy.

10. Live each day to the fullest. Embrace each day as though it's my last. Laugh out loud. Every day.



Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Great list! You have a lot of traveling planned for this year - jealous!!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Hopefully I get an invite to one of these dinners :) Awesome plan my friend.