Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week in Review

Good news: Yoga teacher training is officially ON! Whew!

Friday's run with M:
55:03 (includes cool down)
450 cal
Catching up with an old friend while having a great run (capris and long sleeved t-shirt great run!) 8 days into the new year: PRICELESS.

The scale revealed a stay-the-same. I'll take it! My scrubs have been fitting much better in the past month. New weight goal: 175 by the time teacher training starts on Feb. 8. Hopefully before, so that I can go spend my VISA gift card at Lulu!!

I worked today and came home and crashed on the couch with Nerm while reading Runner's World. An hour and a half later, I woke up. Guess I need to go to bed earlier!

Photos that I've been too lazy to post lately:

Baked shrimp/veggie/orzo with feta from Monday (a second dish also served as lunch on Tuesday). Note the WW 3 month journal (AND there's even writing in it)!

Veggie lasagna I made that boiled over in the oven. I only clean ovens when I move....let's just say it's not a pretty sight and leave it at that. Tasty, though!

Aforementioned lasagna served with a salad.

Gingerbread pancake. Tasted good, but I should've used a pie plate like the recipe said. It got really high and puffy on the sides, but flat in the middle.

Used to make Lemon Yogurt to serve with gingerbread pancake.

Hit or miss? Meh...I wasn't fussy for it. I think next time I'll stick to the original recipe (it's just a plain fluffy pancake) with vanilla yogurt and berries.

Dinner tonight. Lentil chili (with a few drops of Louisiana Hot Sauce to kick it up a notch) & bulgur. Garnished with yogurt cheese and fresh cilantro. YUM!

I'm going to go and get some milk and then come home and do some yoga. And knit. I'm making noticeable progress! Early to bed for a 14K LSD run tomorrow morning and work from 12-8. Thank goodness I get Monday off! And best part of Monday? NOODLES with G (& hopefully baby Isabella)!

Have a great night.


Me, Only Better said...

Glad the yoga training worked out for you in the end - it was meant to be (=

Patsy said...

Pleased you're on the yoga training course. :o)

Sometimes our bodies take a little while to catch up with our weightloss! I've had weeks on end where I've maintained but still lost inches overall...

Jackie said...

Your food looks yummy es=xpecially the baked shirmp and orzo!!