Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekly Challenges & Wrap-Up

So, Amy's weekly challenge was to take our workout outdoors. Done. See below. Then she added Wednesday's tricep workout. C. & I decided to combine the two and went a little photo happy. And I've I gotta say, Amy, I don't like your triceps! But yours and mine will be fine after this workout!!

Tricep Hell (FYI--tricep pushups aka chataranga are the reason I HATE sun salutations):

My outdoor gym:
Three Post Hill (named for the three white posts at the top of the hill)


Boot camp stair master with added squat (Josh really likes these):

New stair master I discovered just off of Three Post Hill:

Entertainment at the gym (HGTV and rafting on the Elbow River):

Me & My Workout Buddy, C.

To end the day, my mom and I had tickets to see George Strait tonight at Stampede. *sigh* The man is old enough to be my father, but I don't care. He's my freebie! Loved, loved, LOVED him!!

And, I really, really, really wanted to have mini donuts (and had accounted for them in my daily plan) but the lineup was HUGE. So none for me! I know I'll be thankful later, but right now I'm still a little bitter.

I got a trip to the Farmer's Market, too, so really, who could ask for a better day? Oh yeah, down another pound! Survivor Bootcamp Kicks Butt--Yours! I also love Trainer Josh!


Lynn said...

Awesome workout/pics!! Love seeing everyone's different exercises.

Glad you had fun at George Straight :)

Anonymous said...

That comment by Lynn was actually me. Logged into wrong google account.