Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I must have horseshoes

up my ass today--I was able to get a massage appointment! I called at 7:30 (knowing full well that they didn't open till 10) and left a pitiful sounding message. It worked! I got the only appointment she had left this week. But I had to wait till noon. As I was leaving, somebody said, "Enjoy your massage." Um, if you fall asleep during a massage, you're paying someone to rub your back for an hour. I do so much deep breathing to relax through the pain of having knots crunched and elbows hitting pressure points I didn't know I had, it's not even funny. It feels fabulous afterwards, but during isn't very much fun.

Sue (my fabulous RMT) worked her magic and I have regained some range of motion. Not all, and not pain free yet, but MUCH, MUCH better. I'm currently icing it and she gave me a list of stretches to do to. She said I could do boot camp if I felt up to it, but no upper body. So we'll see how I feel in a couple of hours.

I think a nap is in order! Or should I go buy a lottery ticket?...


Fatinah said...

haha - I read that you had HORSES up your ass - I was like - what the hell kind of Western saying is that!

Glad you got in~

Carol said...

Hope you remembered that lottery ticket! You missed a killer Boot Camp, as Trainer Josh tried out some new games. Brought out the "tickle trunk" with all kinds of goodies inside...this after we ran Douglas Fir! I'll have pics posted on the blog soon.
Hope you're feeling better...I don't want to do 3-post by myself tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing better than a good message to ease pain and tension. Glad you were able to get in on such short notice.

Definitely go for the lotto ticket! :)