Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just in time!

So my food intake today has been pretty random and not the healthiest choices.

Breakfast (0545h): Grande, non-fat chai, S'bucks sausage & egg sammie
Coffee (0845h): Grande, non-fat chai (don't judge, it was a rough morning), Activia yogurt and fresh strawberries
Lunch (1145h): Opa! Lamb souvlaki pita, Greek salad, calamari, diet Coke

Hmmm....I came home and decided to go for a bike ride to alleviate some of the damage (especially since I'm going out for dinner tonight, too!). So I hop on the bike and think, "Wow, those clouds don't look very nice." But I rode on. Not far into my route is a hill my friend (Lisa Q.) used to make me run for hill practice. Just so you know, it hurts just as much for cycling hill practice! But I did it.

I continued on my merry little way, thinking that I'd do the Sandy Beach Hill (around 4.5K away), turn around, do the evil hill again and call it a day. Well, just before I got to the base of Sandy Beach, the raindrops started to get closer together.

Now, I had my cell phone secured in a Ziploc TM bag to prevent water damage--that's what killed my last phone, but I'm still a little freaked out about the rain and the phone. So I turned around a little early and headed back. I seemed to be out-cycling the rain, so I did the evil hill again. Yep, that's right. TWO hills!! This is what the Garmin said:
8.81 km
745 cal
33:36 min
15.7 km/h
79% of max heart rate

I'll take that!

So I get inside and start to catch up on my blogs groovin' to the radio. Then I hear that there's a tornado warning for my city....and then the hail starts! I'm afraid to go look at my garden! It seems to have stopped now, though. WHEW!

Just for good measure, I'm going to throw in a few push ups and some abs. Trainer Josh will be impressed. Well, probably not, but I'll feel better!