Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally Friday

Whew! Where did the week go?

I was rudely awakened at 0515h this morning by downstairs dude and his skanky ho. Oy vey. Good news is that he's apparently moving out, I'm just not sure when. It can't be soon enough for me! It was the ONE day this week I could sleep in. Arrgh!!

Grilled up some chicken before I went to work and made a yummy salad for lunch (sorry, no photo).
Goat cheese
Red Onion
Bird boob, marinated and grilled
Dressing: 1 TBSP tahini, 2 TBSP fat free plain yogurt, 1 TBSP Greek salad dressing seasoning mix, 1 tsp EVOO

I totally forgot the lemon that I planned on adding. It was good, but lemon would've made it better, I think!

Left work and C picked me up outside the door to head to boot camp. Josh started to take us up the EVIL, EVIL hill from last week, until I reminded him that he promised to take us on the Douglas Fir Trail. Since the sun finally decided to make an appearance, the shade of the trail was appealing to everyone. So off we went! It was fan-freaking-tastic! Did loads of running and my old heart was definitely working hard. Came back to the park to do more intervals. Finished off with some good ol' ab work and called it a night.

Dinner was up in the air...what to have, what to have?

Turned into:

What's in this delightful concoction, you ask?

Start by sauteeing 2 cloves of garlic and half a red onion in EVOO.

Add some zuke, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, the two tomatoes that were left on the counter looking lonely, capers, spinach and one of those chicken breasts I grilled this morning. Oh, at the last minute, add a bit of fresh basil and oregano. Add about a cup of cooked, whole wheat spaghetti and toss it all together. Top with a few shavings of Sylvan Star Extra Aged Grizzly Gouda.

Serve with a pint of H20 and a cold Big Rock Rock Creek cider. Mmmm, good!

Have I mentioned that I'm a good cooker?!


Amber said...

First, I haven't properly thanked you for your email! LOVED IT! Had me laughing out loud at work while I read it.

Second, what the heck is EVOO???

Third, that salad sounds DELISH. I really need to spruce up my salads, there starting to bore me!