Sunday, July 12, 2009

Super Sunday

I slept in! OK, I slept in for me, probably most of you don't consider 0730h sleeping in!

Mom and I enjoyed a lovely cuppa on the balcony.

C. and I had an amazing 4.07k run around Stanley Park.

Weeded the garden and got rid of the stuff that the hail damaged (chard, spinach, kale, some of the lettuce).

Mom, the nephew, C., S. and I enjoyed the buffet at Moti Mahal. Mmmmm...naan bread.

S. and I hit the driving range. It's the first time I tried out my new clubs. We had a blast! I'm not sure how well I'll be able to move tomorrow, though.

Summer made another appearance today, so after the driving range we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. It was the perfect ending!

I hung my Tibetan prayer flags that A. & P. brought back from Nepal for me. I'm hoping that they bring peace and goodwill to my home and also to the f*$&ing squirrel that's ruined my flowers.

Made a fabulous dinner:

On the menu tonight:
-pork chop marinated in Epicure souvlaki, EVOO and lemon juice
-grilled veggies (aubergine, courgette and red and yellow peppers) marinated in epicure Greek dressing
-red leaf lettuce, fresh from my garden!
-tomato from Gull Valley Greenhouse at the Farmer's Market
-lemon roasted potatoes from Habina's Harvest at the Farmer's Market
-topped it all off with some tzatziki

Catching up with my peeps in Weatherfield. Hope you had a happy weekend!


Carol said...'re sounding a little more Buddhist regarding the squirrel...just not sure about the nickname you've given it!! Dinner looks great! Odd...I'm still full from lunch, but then again I did go up for two rounds!

Julie said...

Not that is not sleeping in for me but yay for you. :)