Thursday, July 29, 2010

Doors Are Opening!

  Tuesday July 27 Thursday
July 29
Lap 1 Run 6:04 6:35
Lap 1 Walk 9:19 8:55
Lap 2 Run 6:33 6:06
Lap 2 Walk 9:13 11:11 (WTF?!)
Lap 3 Run 6:20 6:45
Lap 3 Walk 9:50 10:18
Lap 4 Run 6:49 6:22
Lap 4 Walk 9:15 10:23
Lap 5 Run 6:51 6:24
Lap 5 Walk 9:22 9:37
Lap 6 Run 6:45 6:45
Lap 6 Walk 9:20 9:16
Lap 7 Run 6:44 6:40
Lap 7 Walk 9:00 9:52

Good morning! I got up with all intentions of running early, before the sun got too hot. Yeaaaaah….well, I got out there, and that’s all that matters. But it was hot! Here’s a breakdown of Tuesday and today’s runs. I’m happy with my running speed, so it’s just a matter of continuing to build on my base and slowly decrease the amount of time I walk!


So I think I may have found a place for me to have yoga classes in my neighbourhood! The price is right so all I have to do is go check out the space and sign a lease. Oh, and get my first aid, my company name registered, insurance, have signs and a website made….but the doors are opening, so who am I to argue?


Marlene said...

Hi H! Great job on the runs!

I wanted to swing by to answer your question... if I'm running less than 90-mins I cna get away with somethingh light to eat (all-fruit bar or banana). Anything longer and I have a slice of toast or 1/2 bagel with PB. It took a long time to train myself to eat so early in the morning, but I got used to it and it's not so hard to get food down now.

Cowgirl Warrior said...

OMG I'm so happy for you. You need help painting or anything let me know. Of course I'd totally sign up as well