Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gettin' Ready...

For the Long Weekend!

-spent some time tidying last night. My house looked like a bomb went off.

-I even did some laundry. Not much, but a little!

-Concert tonight with Michelle. We're going to see John Hiatt at the Jack Singer Concert Hall.

-Doctor's appointment tomorrow, then bus ride home (always entertaining).

-Biking Canmore to Banff on Saturday! Should be fun, fun, fun! I think a picnic is definitely in order, along with a stop in the tea shop to stock up! Mmmm...chocolate mint tea, anyone?

-Long run on Saturday (14.5K)

And I'm really proud of myself for pushing my ass out the door last night for a walk. I wasn't feeling the running mojo, but I knew I should get out and move. 45 minutes and almost 5K later, I felt much better. I even put the book down early *gasp* and went to sleep before 11!

Woke up this morning still loving my hair (all the sparkly bits got covered yesterday and we chopped off a few inches) but annoyed as I seem to be kind of snuffly. I hope it's just lack of sleep catching up with me and NOT the cold that my co-worker has brought to work with her for the last week. Cold-FX is my friend! Now, off to make my lunch!
Happy Thursday!


Carol said...

Did you mean long run on Sunday? Because if not, then you are a trooper to bike to Banff and then go for a 14km run!! Crazy, but a trooper all the same!

Anxious to see the hair.

H-woman said...

Ooops! Yep, riding to Banff on Saturday, running 14.5K on SUNDAY. It was early.