Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's the Weekend!

Reasons to celebrate:

- Michelle's in town again this weekend!

- The AMAZING fish and chips with tartar sauce I made for dinner last night. The recipe in Crazy Plates was a guide, I added some Epicure Tyee fish rub (I think it's just called fish rub now, 'cause nobody knows what "tyee" means. FYI: "the big one") to the coating. I also fiddled with the tartar sauce: I added 1/2 TB asparagus relish from the farmer's market and a chopped sweet pickle for the sweet relish and then added capers just cause capers make everything better.

- The Peach & Raspberry Cobbler I made. I was inspired by Jaime's post the other day. I substituted raspberries for the blackberries (I'm not a big fan) and Oh My! A photo doesn't do this baby justice, so I won't include one.

- My WI. Another 0.4 gone. I like it.

- Starting the day with an awesome Yoga class filled with wonderful yogis and an inspiring teacher. Mind, body and spirit are all happy.

- Registering for a knitting workshop! A new skill: entrelac! It looks like this. I WILL have the baby blankie done by then, I swear!

- Registering for a weekend workshop with another wonderful yoga teacher!

- A bike ride, perhaps? We'll see what Mother Nature has in store for later this afternoon.

- An afternoon nap with Nerm. Need I say more?


Shirls said...

did you get out for that ride? its been such horrible weather with all that rain yesterday afternoon..

this morning we were already out and about and its freaking cold! can see your breath cold *brrr*

you are one busy, busy lady!

Jaime said...

Yay! Glad you made the cobbler. What did you think? I was pretty pleased with it.