Monday, September 20, 2010


In my own closet!

I love it!!

Tonight I went out with two of my very favourite people, S & L. We decided that maybe Monday night was the night to try and score a table at UNA pizzeria on 17th ave (formerly the Wicked Wedge). Success!

But rewind a little.

Yoga play date with Sonya--lots of catching up and warm up of chandra namaskar (moon salutations in honour of the upcoming equinox). Then we played upside down for awhile. My handstand prep is coming along--it's really disconcerting being upside down like that! Progress is definitely being made though and I'm feeling it now in my arms/shoulders/back. I tried headstand (freestyle in the middle of the room) but after all my handstand work, my body just said, "Nope. Not today." So headstand will wait till tomorrow. Sonya did some handstand (and went right over into a full wheel (urdvha dhanurasana) but not on purpose--oops!) and forearm balancing before we decided to tackle the sequence to end all sequences: Eye of the Tiger!

It basically takes all of the yoga poses from the 3 Anusara syllabi and links them together in a practice that can take up to four hours to complete from start to finish. We made it through most of the standing poses today...but still got all of the elements of a good practice in:

warm up
standing poses
forward bends

But I digress. I was talking about shopping!

Our playdate turned into a 2.5 hour practice (eeek! where did the time go?) I hopped in the shower and tried to decide what to wear.

I ended up in a pair of trouser jeans I found in my closet (2 sizes smaller than the ones I was lamenting about earlier this week). Whoo hoo!

And a gorgeous brown and pink silk camisole I forgot I had. Jean jacket. Brown scarf. Brown boots.

None of which I have worn in the last year and half. Well, except maybe the boots!

The food? Tasty. Would I wait for an hour or more? Nope.


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

That yoga practice sounds divine :) I want you to lead me through a yoga class one day!

Isn't it fun when you find clothes you forgot you had!?