Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Long Slow Run

It's freaking cold out there this morning! It was 3C and 91% humidity when I left this morning. I could see my breath! I have to admit that it's nicer to run and get warm than start out hot and get even hotter. And let's face it, I'm not one of those girls who 'glows'. Oh no, I SWEAT. I turn red. It's not overly attractive, but it feels good!

So today had me scheduled for 10K. Garmin says:
10.43 km
846 cal

We never did make it out for a bike ride. We stopped at Lulu to pick up a few things *grin*, went to Chapters where Michelle got me a journal just like hers! It's fabulous: on the left side, each day of the week. On the right, space for notes! Oh the stickers I can fill this book with! And it's a great way to see your week at a glance.

We attempted to find somewhere relatively healthy for dinner. Easier said than done! We tried a Vietnamese place down by Chinook. No go--closed for renos. Bonus was that we were right by Community, so we stopped to pick up some coconut water (natural gatorade) for our runs today. We wound up at Broken Plate in Willow Park. Mmmmm....Greek food!

We were starving but the host sat us at the bar and immediately (or so it seemed) we had drinks and pita and dips (hummus, tzatziki, red pepper/feta, eggplant). We took our time and didn't order right away. I hate when you order appies and an entree and after three bites of appetizer the entree arrives! It was nice to be able to savour the food. Moussaka for me and halibut for Michelle and we were nicely full.

How will the rest of my day go? Nothing too exciting, I'm afraid. Shower, eat, make lunch, go to work. Oh well, I get Monday and Tuesday off!

Happy Day!


Shirls said...

my fave vietnamese is by Chinook... I hope that is not Oriental Phoenix that is renovating, sounds like you were more over by Chuckles, Macs and Community Health strip mall though..

I keep meaning to make it to broken plate and still haven't! my bad

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

Oh to be able to fit into lulu stuff.... That is one store I will be running to once I hit the right size!

Good for you on the run. That's awesome. I also love running in cooler weather! Mind you, I don't know a lot of people who don't!

I have heard of coconut water, but never tried it. If I see some, I'll have to pick it up!