Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rest Days

That's what the past couple of days have been, and man, do I need another one!

After Saturday's AMAZING trail run (read about it here and here), I went bowling with my co-workers.

Let's just say my bowling skills need work. A LOT of work! We had some dinner, bowled a few games and then headed to a pub. Good food, good friends, some bevvies, it's all good! I think bowling helped prevent me from being too sore on Sunday. It kept me moving so that I didn't seize up.

Sunday I spent all day in my jammies. Yep. ALL day. It was glorious.

Back to work yesterday, followed by a physio appointment. I wasn't sure if I should even keep the appointment because I wasn't sore at all. Turns out she found a few tight spots with those acupuncture needles! I was more sore after physio than from the run! Today my legs felt great, but I was feeling the effects of two late nights reading.

I'm currently wrapped up in Diana Gabaldon's latest in the Outlander series, An Echo in the Bone. Like the others in this series, I cannot put it down!

And quite frankly, I adore Jamie Fraser!

I had a quick nap and then got my butt out the door. It wasn't the 45 min run that was scheduled, but 30 minutes are better than none. Note to self: remember the inhaler next time! Just over 4K isn't too shabby. Friday morning I'll get in the full 45 minutes before I head to my doctor's appointment.

A few stretches, a soak in the tub (a few pages in the book), make my lunch and then it's time for bed.



Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

You know? I ADORED that series. Adored it. But I couldn't get through the red book. Found it kind of boring...

Maybe I should go back and try again?

Jamie Fraser is the ULTIMATE man.

Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

I want to go bowling now, I haven't been in forever!

A day spent in your jammies is the best isn't it? :)

Shirls said...

I'm totally with Amber, I read that series so many times, I actually have it it two full sets, LOL - one that is beten and abused after being hauled everywhere and loved and the second all in trade paperback and signed!! They are the only books I've ever had signed but it was soo worth the line up to get. :0)

However I had no clue there was another in the series! thanks for the heads up! I may just have to get out those tattered copies and start again

hope your feeling less achy now