Saturday, September 18, 2010

Smorgasborg of things...

The scale did not go up or down today: it stayed right smack dab where it was last week.

I've been toying with when to do my long run (16K) this week:

- today, after work
- tomorrow, before work at 11 am
- Monday morning

Keep in mind I'm doing next week's long run (22K, supposed to be only 19K) at Melissa's on Saturday.

I'd decided to try after work, but then thought better of it. I am a morning runner. My routine is down pat for a morning run:

- get up
- brekkie and caffeine
- move a little
- pit stop

Running in the afternoon is tough for me: when to eat? what to eat? how much to eat?

I also have a job that has me on my feet and moving for the better part of 8 hours, so....decision made. I'm going to my friend's parent's new Persian restaurant for dinner, then to bed at a reasonable hour, getting a solid 7-8 hours of sleep, getting up and going for a run before work. (And then I'm going to hear Sarah Harmer!)

And I'll sleep in on Monday! Followed by a yoga playdate, dinner at UNA pizza and maybe a free yoga class at Lulu...


Anne said...

Sounds like the perfect plan to me. Persian restaurant, Sarah Harmer and yoga...perfect I tell you!