Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where to start?

I should be getting ready for work. I'm still in my jammies. I'll eat lunch and then do it.

I have pink eye. Confirmed by doctor yesterday. I'm not to be surprised if I get yet another cold, either. Sheesh! Enough already! Eyes look better than yesterday though, so maybe I'm getting over it. I hope so!

Went to the doctor yesterday and spent the rest of the day with my mom. We shopped for my brother's b-day gift (we got half of it and then I picked up the remainder after dinner last night). We got all the stuff to make S. a Christmas sock (he doesn't have one and stockings are the best part of Christmas!), had lunch at Subway and coffee at S'bucks before I hit the road.

I need to whip up one more batch of cookies for the exchange tomorrow. Then I'll also have enough for L's b-day present, some for S, and maybe a few for me, too!

I'd better run, time's running out!

H =)


Natalie said...

I'm in a cookie exchange too! I need to make 6 dozen this weekend. But how will I keep them out of my mouth?? Hmm.....

Hope your eye feels better soon. My DD passed her nasty pink eye infection to me last year. The worse part is throwing out all your makeup. Eek!