Saturday, December 19, 2009


My stretch of work is OVER!! I know now that working part time is the BEST decision I have ever made. Here's why I don't work full time anymore:

-I'm exhausted. Short shifting plus six days in a row + loud neighbours = not much sleep.
-My house looks like a tornado hit. I hate this kind of chaos.
-Laundry has piled way too high. I despise laundry.

On to better news:
-Christmas shopping DONE!! (I also called S. after work and guess where he was? Yep, that's right! Shopping!! I knew he wouldn't wait till the 24th.)

-Down 2 pounds this morning!! Almost made it back to the 170's. Next week for sure. I pulled out my journal. There was nothing written since Tuesday's breakfast. I'm shocked by the scale, to say the least. Nevertheless, I will take it and run with it (pun intended).

-Scheduled for an 11K long, slow run tomorrow. Can't wait! Forecast is perfect for running: Cloudy. 60 percent chance of snow late in the morning and in the afternoon. Fog patches dissipating in the morning. Temperature steady near minus 8. Perfect.

-Going to see The Christmas Carol Project tomorrow with my Folk Fest family. Dinner first at The Broken Plate. Haven't seen Bill & Joanie since Alli & PK's wedding last September, so it'll be great to catch up with them.

-I can sleep in on Monday! I know my idea of sleeping in isn't very late, but oh, what I would give to not be rudely awakened by an alarm clock just once this week!

And with that, I'm going to go heat up some of the corn chowdah I made earlier this week and have a cup of mulled cranberry & apple juice. A nice, long soak in the tub and I'm calling it a day.

Oh, by the way, I went with bulgur, not orzo. More fibre and easier. A cop-out, I know, but still.

And Santa came to my house early! He spotted some fabulous hot rollers on sale at Shopper's Drug Mart on Thursday and I picked them up for him on Friday after work. You didn't really think the old man had time to shop and deliver this close to Christmas, did you?!

Six more sleeps!


Dairy Free Betty said...

Where do you run in Calgary?
I used to run at the resivor all the time, sooo beautiful. I also (when I was living downtown) used the Taslisman center, which I loved. I haven't =found a gym that fantastic since!! I spent A LOT of time there (I didn't know anyone when I first moved there!!)


Me, Only Better said...

I am a Calgarian, too! Enjoy the warmer weather - I am sure it won't last (=

Hope you have a couple of great days off!

Fatinah said...

looks like a Calgary connection in your comments today!

congrats on such a great loss!