Friday, December 11, 2009


Was it just me, or did this week seem to take forever?!

Quick recap:

Wednesday--S's 10 minute drive from his work to my house turned into 90+ minutes. Traffic in Calgary was NUTSO on Wednesday. We missed the wine tasting/book reading and went to Wildwood for dinner instead. Mmmmm...Strongbow, shared hot wings, and lamb meatloaf with mashed spuds.

Thursday--borrowed the new Harry Potter dvd (blu-ray)from a work colleague. Went for NOODLES at my fave noodle house (Vietnam Fortune on Kensington Road). Beef sate soup with extra veggies. Baked up some triple ginger gingersnaps at S's (he is in awe of my cooking prowess--I like it!!) and watched the movie. Well, he watched the movie, I apparently fell asleep half way through. Good thing we saw it in the theatre! Can't wait for November 2010 and July 2011 for the last two.

Today--worked. Bought some of S's Christmas present (the pricey wine from the food & wine festival). Came home and went for a run (it's -12C and snowing; with wind chill, it's -18C). I had a pretty good run, except my ass got cold again. I tried wearing my long johns under my tights but it didn't help much. Stopped at my fave local running store THE TECH SHOP 'cause there's a SALE on right now! They're moving across the street and I scored a new pair of shoes for 20% off. Anytime I can get shoes for less than $150, I'm a happy girl. =)

On tap for tonight: Christmas cards, thank you cards for the Underwear Affair (6 months after the event) and hopefully some knitting.


Dairy Free Betty said...

Awwwwwwwwwh how I miss Kensington! :)

We might come visit Calgary in the new year, you'll have to remind me of the good restarants.

We are going to go to the Moroccan place for sure!! Have you been?