Monday, December 7, 2009

So much for day of rest!

Monday is my scheduled rest day from running. Or it's supposed to be!

I was sitting in the lunch room about to enjoy my snack (leftover brekkie--bulgur, plain yogurt, peanut butter and homemade applesauce) when I realized that I didn't remember turning the burner off under the applesauce. I remembered turning it down, but not OFF. Shoot!

So the boots went back on and home I speed walked (home to work and home again is 3.68 km). Got home and realized that as cute and warm as the Sorels are, they are NOT meant for walking! I can't get my orthotics in 'em so my feet were killing me. Not to mention the bruise I somehow acquired (I think I did 'em up too tight) on my shin. I changed into my runners for the walk back to work.

And the burner?

Off. But I'm now in Chilliwack!


Fatinah said...

ok - that's a little funny!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Hahaha! Oh no!! Well at least you got some unscheduled exercise in and now TOMORROW can be a rest day :)

That is actually quite humourous ;)

Patsy said...

Craig's on nights this week, so I'm going to drag him out for a L-O-N-G walk with Tabitha Twitchit later today... Not sure I'll be running, howerver... ;o)

Natalie said...

Sorels are horrible for any major treks. I've got orthotics too and when I don't have them in my shoes I really notice a difference.