Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cha Ching!!

Overtime!! Gotta love that at this time of year! And also when you're only scheduled as 0.7 in the pay period (I should have had one more shift, but for some unknown reason, got short shifted this time around and an extra one next pay period) and it's the season for buying things for people (ahem...I may have gone a little overboard on S...but I've found all of these PERFECT things!).

Disappointed that my trudge today only burned 183 calories. Didn't even make a dent in the number consumed (evil cookie exchange), but it's all good. We had a great team in and got everything done that we needed to.

I came home & shovelled out the back door--it was drifted in--I couldn't get out! Good thing I've also got a front door! While doing that, I had some leftover pasta sauce and 4 meatballs heating in the toaster oven (in the new Epicure dip baker). Yummy. I measured out a cup of s'ghetti (I haven't been measuring lately, but think I should start again) and added half of the sauce and balls. Still a little growly in my tummy, so I ate the rest of the sauce and balls sans sauce. It's all veggies and lean protein, after all! Oh, and there may have been some Merlot.

The rest of my evening is going to be pretty chilled. I think a soak in the tub and some knitting may be in order.

Tomorrow's the big party and my girl-y friend is going to come over and help me primp. I'm thinking hot rollers to get lots of curls and then pinned up with my bangs swept to the side...what do you think? I've also got laundry to do...but we all know how much laundry and I don't get along, so we'll see. I still have clean clothes to wear to work....

And the training schedule says 8K...*gulps*...Environment Canada says:

Cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries. Wind north 30 km/h becoming light in the afternoon. Temperature falling to minus 21 in the afternoon. Wind chill minus 30.

Hmmm...guess bundling up is in order!


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