Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Callin' it a day!

I know, it's barely 7 o'clock MST, but I'm absolutely knackered!

I came home and ate the remaining brie/cranberry sauce dip from Monday night. Yum! Remind me to run tomorrow, because I sure didn't today. After a chat on the phone with my mom, I whipped up a magnificent concoction (sorry, I ate it before realizing I should have taken a photo):

-sauteed 1/4 onion and 1/2 yellow pepper in 1 tsp oil
-added leftover bruschetta and 12 raw shrimp
-poured on some leftover pinot grigio
-added some spinach till just wilted

Served over 1 cup of cooked 'sghetti. I split it in half and also have lunch made for tomorrow!

Christmas dinner plans are finally finalized! Apparently the packing has began at the in-laws already, so we're having dinner at a lovely hotel in the city! Yaaaay! There won't be 4 hours of winter driving involved, nor bad cooking (dear that she is, S's mom can't cook worth a hoot. She's British and is the stereotypical bad cook)! Now, if I can convince S to do his shopping prior to Christmas Eve, that means we can have some serious Christmas quality time!



Shirls said...

that sounds like some awesome christmas plans! love the hotel dinner thing!

I do have to say though my mum - british and a great cook :0)

Dairy Free Betty said...

YUMMY!!!!!! Sounds soo good!!