Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Or Winter war-zone, which ever you prefer. Seriously, if you own a business, one would think you'd clear the walk so as not to cause bodily harm to the customers you want to spend money in your store. Or maybe it's just me.

The snow we got over the weekend (and it started again today--oh joy!) is a slippery mess to walk on. Oh well, walking to work has now become a work out!

Waiting for S. We're supposed to be heading to a wine and literary pairing shindig tonight, but traffic in this town has been frightful since 3:30 when I came home. Steve left work half an hour ago and hasn't moved very far or fast since. We may just be going for dinner instead!

Either way, I've got makeup on and curled my hair so am good to go.

New job opportunity at work came up today.
-no weekends (unless big project launch)
-set schedule (M-F, 8-4)
-new position so there are no shoes to fill

-real possibility of taking work home with me
-full time vs current part time
-much paper pushing

So I'm pondering....I may just apply to see if my current bosses figure out that unless they do something about the schedule, they're going to start losing the good techs. Then again, they may miss that point altogether since they're pretty oblivious.


Laura said...

Some semblance of winter hit here in the GTA...panic ensued.
Can't wait for the next 3+ months..
Hope you end up with a good night out.

Carol said...

To repeat what you said to me a few weeks back..."Do it!". If for no other reason than to let the upper-ups know that you won't be sitting in the same job forever. And you'll still have weekends to spend on your deck...